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  1. Hi @RLHicks, I am excited that you want to read the book. I completely understand your point. The best way to describe the book is that the freedom that this world offers is only a temporary way of being free, but that isn't the way to become truly free. True freedom, true happiness, and true joy is found only in God. Thank you so much @RLHicks! Thank you a lot for your interest in my book @RLHicks!
  2. Hi @RLHicks, Thank you so much for your interest in the book that I wrote. I really do think that this book could be for anyone because being free touches so many aspects of our lives. I am using non-fiction to tell the story. In the book, I am telling my life experiences that have either led me to become more free, or less so. The book describes how going to God is the preeminent way of becoming free.
  3. Hi @Ora, Thank you so much for your reply! The target audience would be young adults, but I honestly think that this story could be for anyone. This is the case because the concept of being free touches so many aspects of our lives, such as desire, hope, and wonderment. I am delighted that you would like to read the book. Thank you so much @Ora. The book is 55,400 words. Thanks @Ora!
  4. Hi @Jim Shaver, Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you!
  5. Hi @Jeff Potts, Right, I see your point. Oh. I see. I certainly do respect you because you have a lot more years of knowledge. Thank you very much @Jeff Potts for your advice.
  6. I am sorry that you continue to have the headaches @lynnmosher. I hope that the headaches go away for good. Thank you for being such a big help @lynnmosher!
  7. Also, I have mentioned my book to some non-Christian friends that I know. Even they seemed interested in the book too.
  8. Hi @Jeff Potts, Thank you very much for your advice. What you said was very helpful. I understand that that is the realities of trying to get a book published. However, throughout the years, I have already e-mailed my book to a lot of my Christian friends. All of my Christian friends like the book. Any time that my Christian friends make a positive comment about the book, this is what increases my fuel and causes the dream of the book being published to get even bigger. Plus, I feel as if my window of opportunity for even giving a chance for this
  9. Hi @carolinamtne and @lynnmosher, Thank you both for the help in avoiding potential bad Christian book publishers to submit a book proposal to. After reading your posts @carolinamtne, and @lynnmosher, I will not be going with WestBow or Xulon. Again, thank you both so much for the advice!
  10. I am not too sure which Christian book publisher to choose. I really do think that Inscript Publishing could be an option, and I am leaning towards submitting a submission to them. I like Inscript Publishing because they are a self-publishing branch of Dove Publishing, they are accepting first time authors, and they are accepting Christian non-fiction submissions. But, I do understand your point @carolinamtne about that weird comma in the middle of that URL address. That is what is concerning me too. But then, I think about how you @lynnmosher said that you didn't find
  11. Hi @lynnmosher, I didn't know that there were people who would upload the book to Amazon for me. The genre for my book is Christian non-fiction. I am sorry that you have a headache. I hope that your headache has gone away. Thank you so much for your help @lynnmosher!
  12. Thank you so much @carolinamtne, and @lynnmosher. Thanks very much for looking into these two publishers for me. I will not be submitting to TCK Publishing after reading your posts @carolinamtne, and @lynnmosher. Thank you for catching this for me. As for Inscript Publishing, I can understand why that comma between "receives" and "books" can be a red flag @carolinamtne. I also understand your comment too @lynnmosher about the add-ons that aren't in the initial price. When I saw that, I thought that was strange too. I will
  13. But, I shouldn't submit to TCK Publishing because I don't meet all of their requirements.
  14. I understand that for TCK Publishing I don't meet the requirement of being an expert in the market, and that may disqualify me from submitting the book. However, perhaps it is okay to submit the book proposal because I feel as if the topic that the book that I wrote is about, being free, is a topic that no one else has talked about before.
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