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  1. Thanks for your input suspense writer. It's just designed as a teaser/taster. With regards to overdramatic though - possibly not. Did you know Julius Africanus quoted Thallus in a letter that said the earthquake at the crucifixion caused 'buildings to come down all over Judea." So perhaps not that overdramatic after all. Check it out.
  2. I've sent it. Thanks in advance! You can post a review on any Amazon site and let me know if there's anything particularly incorrect in there.
  3. I agree with the comments above. You would also want to decide if you are aiming it at a YA audience in which 12 might feel too young. Culture is a factor too - children from certain cultures experience life realities differently. In my wife's country people die a lot in road crashes, a 12 year old would be used to hearing this by 12.
  4. I'd love that. I can send a pdf if you send an email to my Inbox on here, or to joshuacartwrightbooks@gmail.com
  5. Hi! Soon I have the chance to pitch my book Jesus and Me as a cartoon series, and they asked for a pilot episode (and a show bible). I've created a ten minute script but I'm nervous I've missed something obvious as I'm new to screenwriting. Is there anyone experienced in this who would be willing to look over the pages and tell me if I've got any of the technical jargon etc wrong? Thanks, Joshua
  6. Thank you Ky_GirlatHeart. That's encouraging to hear. Just let me know about the beta-reading. Yes, that is my English accent. England has a variety of accents: mine is from the South of England although the area I originally come from sounds quite different. It's a bit like the South LA of London! Now, it's closer to the Queen's English
  7. I used a map of Israel in the time of Jesus that said it was free on the website. I just drew my notes on top of it. Could try to find if you want.
  8. Thank you. If you felt you wanted to read the ebook after, just let me know.
  9. Hello fellow writers and workers in the Lord! I'd really appreciate some reviews for my new preteen Christian adventure called: Jesus, The Good Trouble Maker. I thought I'd make it more appealing by dramatising some of it - take a listen - and if you would like to review the book (it's about an hour and fifteen minutes long read), please let me know! https://soundcloud.com/joshua-cartwright-455440635/jesus-the-good-troublemaker-book-chapter-10 Enjoy! Joshua PS. The book is available on Amazon [book:Jesus, The Good Trouble Maker: Hero? Enemy
  10. Hey fellow readers, We are told audiobooks are up and coming, and recently sales have overtaken ebooks. Well, making an audiobook is a lot of work. And it doesn't always pay off unless your book is popular in the first place. But... why not record yourself reading part of the book? It's a great promotional tool and may even get so many people interested that you produce it in the end. I did, and here is a sample using Audacity (free sound editor which I taught myself) and ALL free sounds. https://soundcloud.com/joshua-cartwright-455440635/jesus-the-good-troublemaker-bo
  11. Hi Shamrock, Apparently I can't message yet. Maybe my account is too new? Could you send me a PM and perhaps I can respond to it. Thank you for your kind offer, I would like you to read it. I live in the UK also.
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