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  1. Am I cheating if I say, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Okay here is a first line from a book I enjoyed reading “Far Out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.”
  2. I think our biggest opposition is that it is so natural and instinctual for us to look inward; it is the natural state of our sub-conscience to worry about ourselves and relate everything to how it affects us. The very idea of faith of looking outside of ourselves for help or ever guidance, to depend on God to find the answers we are seeking or need him to have hope and peace, it is like loving God, it is a complete opposite and abnormal way of living that conflicts with our carnal nature, yet it is in those times of closeness and union with God we are restored for a time to our original state
  3. G'day! It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood... will you be my neighbor? It's good to have you here I'm sure you'll be a wonderful addition to this awesome group of people.
  4. I do not direct this at anyone, but more of a general observation and concern. I believe there is a unhealthy habit that has developed in Christianity of picking out and quoting of single verses and ignoring all context whether that is in relation to the author, audience, cultural or spiritual context or a mixture of them. This can be very dangerous. I think a lot of people appear to be unaware of the fact that the books of the Bible didn't have chapters and verses originally. The context is usually tied to a paragraph, a few paragraphs or passage or even the entire book. In the Bible when we
  5. It is not good, but not surprising. Not everyone, especially at that age, can handle that kind of responsibility. Being forced into a situation where you have to grow up faster than you should and feel you are being forced to become an adult sooner than you should, losing part of your childhood and normal growing experiences and then to be the one in authority is a big ask for most people. She would feel trapped between a rock and a hard place, not wanting to have that kind of responsibility, yet not wanting to let down her mother/parents or siblings. To be honest, who wouldn't want to escape
  6. I know this is not exactly the same thing, but it is in the same general direction. I have noticed in the last year a correlation of admissions through interviews with many actors who claim they suffer from mild to bad anxiety and bouts with depression and have all their lives. I had always thought these were the last people who would be like that since they are so open and out in public, their performances are so well done. Yet now I think that their anxiety is the weakness or flaw that balances out their strengths and talent of acting. Although I'm pretty sure the same list of actors has no
  7. G'day! Welcome to the community!, You will get all of that and more from these wonderful awesome people.
  8. This is the lie that satan told Eve, that if she ate of the forbidden fruit, she would be like God. It is the same lie hard-coded into the sin we are all born with, that we can do whatever we like because we are like God and don't need him, we can be our own god over our life. The problem with lack of farmers, is that governments don't take care of those who do the farming. When their property gets into financial trouble, no comes to bail them out, they can no longer maintain the farm properly, bills rise and they are forced to sell the farm to avoid bankruptcy. There have been ma
  9. Just completed the survey, Claire! And got a few other people to complete it as well.
  10. I think the indentation works well, but I feel like it should have an empty line before and after the lyrics, it feels a little cramped in between those lines.
  11. I said hello to you on the discord server .... I don't use the website, I find the discord desktop program much easier to use
  12. Well I suggest you better cross those toes on both feet too then it can't hurt.... unless you get a cramp from doing that
  13. G'day! Welcome to the community. As someone who is a novice writer and an introvert myself, I think you will find it easier than you think to post stuff on here as you get to know what a kind, loving and helpful community it is. I'm always happy to help where I Can and I have a lot of spare time and spend a lot of time watching this website.
  14. There is a Discord Application/software that you can download that makes it much easier to use than via the website
  15. @Ky_GirlatHeartI will pray for your friend and for the families involved. As an outsider or someone who lives outside the US. @Accord64 is correct in that it is unverifiable anything that doesn't have 100% proof is not fact. However that doesn't negate the concern that there are people who believe this is going to happen, whether they are right or wrong, that in of itself can be detrimental by the way they act and the people who believe them, also act. In any situation, our first and foremost thought should be to trust God for our protection and that His will, will be done regardle
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