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  1. From what I've read usually if the medication is some kind of general anesthesia that knocks you out, you are in a drug-induced unconsciousness, which is different than sleep. Therefore, you are unlikely to dream as you usually need to reach the REM stage in sleeping to start dreaming. If you are simply unconscious because you have been knocked out due to some physical force, then you are also unlikely to dream as this is an unnatural state so parts of the brain have ceased to function properly. However, I say unlikely in both scenarios as we still do not have a full understanding of how the brain works so it is possible in either situation for some kind of dream like state to occur. This also doesn't take into account any kind of spiritual influences or effects that are beyond our simple brain chemistry.
  2. @lynnmosher Be aware that if the email adderss is spoofed, simply hovering over an email address may give you the same address that is displayed. One time my friend got an email from himself which was obviously spam, but when he hovered over the email address it still showed as his address. So I showed him how to look at the email "message headers" because they actually give you not only the original sender, but the mail server it was sent from. If you are unsure how to see message headers, I'm sure you can find instructions on google related to your email viewing method
  3. Welcome to a fellow writer, hope you enjoy the community
  4. Well I need to find a name that rolls of the tongue but sounds like a beautiful place, so I guess I'll need to think about it some more
  5. The name I was thinking of using is "Harmony Creek" for a small town full of beauty and friendly people
  6. During a recent session of writing I found that I needed a name of a town. I thought of a few and they didn't really fit. I finally thought I found a name, but realized that it shares a name with a real place. So what I am wondering is do I ignore this fact and continue the story or should I try to find another name. I also had another question separate from this one, is there a discord server or chat program that is used in conjunction with this website as a lot of the people on here seem like good people to get to know, but I find that a little harder through this type of platform.
  7. just wanted to point out a few things, If you ever get an email you are unsure about, if you can get to the message headers 99% of the time you can see the true email address it was actually sent from since a lot of emails sent these days are spoofed to look like they are coming from someone else or a legitimate business/organisation. spam is a huge problem and there is no cure per say. You can block it and make mailbox rules to auto trash if the emails are coming from the same email address, if they are coming from different email address this won't help. Never unsubscribe from an email as it only confirms that the email address belongs to a real person and thus will probably get put into an email list and sold and although you will no longer get that email, you will start to get 5+ more. If you want to protect your email address get a disposable email address that you use to sign up to stuff online so that your personal email is less likely to be obtained and sold on an email list and only use your personal one to contact people you know or authenticated email addresses.
  8. Very nice. I like it a lot I wrote a sermon once that dealt with pride and humility, the catch phrase of the sermon was "prove to me that you're humble, and I'll prove that you're not"
  9. Well I will point out that with minecraft being so popular, the nether is burning dimension and the nether but in terms of an adjective it means lying or believed to lie beneath the earth's surface; infernal: the nether regions. It is also very close to neverland which may make people think of peter pan not sure if that answers your question .. you could have something like Nethartonia
  10. Another idea would be if Annie manipulated Jude into being the person responsible for the poisoning or crushing of her hands so not only is there revenge, but Jude also feels the guilt and responsibility of being person who then causes the harm.
  11. When I write I often am trying to record a written version of the movie I see in my mind, so I often find that I need to be very descriptive in order to try and get people to be able to see what I see in my head, it's a good thing I can type very fast is all I can say. This is of course seems ironic considering my visual disability and me trying to paint a picture of what I am seeing in my head through words.
  12. One thing I'll add to this is most social media platforms whether it's twitter or facebook, etc. require networking, which means in order for you to be followed, you need to follow others so that people notice you. Without a book to market may make it a little harder to get a following but regardless of the frequency of your posts, the most important thing is consistency and trying to post on a schedule like once every week or two and you if you do multiple platforms you could split it into fortnightly schedule and post on 2 platforms 1 week and 2 on the next. You can also use some of these platforms to link to your other platforms. One issue with this can be keeping on top of things that friends of friends post that may show up in your feed so you have to be careful with your preferences/settings and keep an eye on what is posted by others that may end up on your wall But as someone said already, with social media, the response you receive will depend on what you put into it.
  13. if what you want to write is a continuation of something you were writing previously, you could read through all that you have written and see if that sparks some imagination. You could sit and brain storm ideas for what you are writing or something new Do something creative that is different like drawing, painting, listen to music, play a sport, play a game that requires thinking. If there are clouds outside lay down and make shapes out of them. Or you could just spend time in prayer and worship, meditate on some scripture and while you are doing any of these things, pray for inspiration.
  14. A poem about the most and best true love we could ever hope to find True love is patient, true love is kind This kind love on earth, you cannot find so perfect, so forgiving, without ill intent no strings attached, is how it is meant No force or restraining, this love doesn't bind with no records of wrong, this love is truly blind it is given to everybody with no expect for reward but the cost was far greater, than we could ever afford This love never gives up, or will ever disappear it stands tall and fights, it will conquer any fear it will lift you up, put you upon the higher ground bring you comfort and peace, when you're feeling down This love never fails, the fight is never too long it is not weak nor limited, but infinite and strong it hopes for the best, gives you strength through the worst it quenches emptiness inside, with this you'll never thirst This love endures all things, when wrong knocks on the door it will keep taking the blows, but forgive all the more It seeks you as a host, a place of intimate residence to change your life and transform you from selfishness This love chose you while you were yet still an enemy of God the Father He chose to descent to earth from Heaven, how could love go any farther and while those who crucified, beat and flogged him trampled over him He forgave them and became the lamb, the sacrifice to completely conquer sin This love seeks to reunite you with God the Heavenly Father on high it went so far to prove this, that on the cross He was willing to die The ultimate goal is to change you, to see the final job done to transform you from sinner to saint into the image of God's own Son
  15. Welcome I am also new here. I don't have an answer to your particular question, but I am also a novice writer that has joined this community looking for help. The best advice I can offer you is to figure out what kind of story and what kind lesson you may want to teach through your writing then show the journey of the characters, not reaching the destination as that is rarely the point, but what they went through including failures and victories in order that you may reach a conclusion that is not the end of a story but teaches the lesson you want to convey.
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