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  1. Since I was little I had a good imagination. Whether I was creating stories using Legos, telling myself a story that was in my head, or using a video camera to help others create a narrative for a music video, I have loved to create. I did write a short story when I was in 8th grade about a creepy castle that got me an A grade. When I was in 10th grade in a different school, I was feeling lazy and didn't want to write another story so i submitted the same story to this new teacher and got an A+ grade. Apparently good stories are like wine or cheese and get better with age. I reall
  2. I'd like to, but writing is very hard for me due to bad hand-eye coordination. As far as memorizing Scripture, about 20 years ago I did a discipleship course called the navigators series and it had a very unique way to teach yourself Scripture even if you had a bad memory. The concept involves writing down the verse or passage on a piece of paper and carrying that around with you. Than reading it aloud to yourself several times a day for the first few days then for the next few days try to speak the verse/passage aloud several times a day without using the paper at all. You would q
  3. Well maybe consider using patreon, a lot of people use that service and find that people who were already following them may be willing to help support them financially because they appreciate the info you produce. Patreon usually requires different levels of commitment which you give different rewards based on the monthly amount of the commitment. So for instance maybe people who are on the $5 a month level get a personal email from you or the $10 a month get a personalized t-shirt. It may just be something to look into for at least a little income per month
  4. But it says you can only use a maximum of 2500 words, unless I'm doing something wrong
  5. So I took a break from my novel like people suggested and I had an idea for a short story. and I finished writing the first draft, but it's like 2830 words long and I don't want to split it into parts just wondering if someone would take a look at it for me and the best way to share it
  6. Welcome It's nice to meet another writer. I am not a home school grad so I hope you won't hold that against me
  7. One idea is that you can show the mental age of someone by what they obsess over. For instance A teenager who used to play with dolls will talk differently about such things then she did when she was younger as back then she would have talked about them in a certain way at that age as the dolls were a big part of her world view. But as she grew up her world view changed. So if you can show her with a younger world view, more innocent and naive, you might be able to show a different mental age.
  8. I found this poem that I wrote awhile ago, it was a little odd and weird, but I thought I'd share it to see what people think PHILIPPIANS 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. The road that leads to destiny is not very straight at all. It is filled with many twists and turns. peaks to climb, valleys to fall. There is a curve called Failure, and a sharp corner called Pride. and long loops called Confusion, Let the map of prayer be your guide. Speed bumps may be called Friends, red lights could be your foes.
  9. True love is patient, true love is kind This kind love on earth, you cannot find so perfect, so forgiving, without ill intent no strings attached, is how it is meant No force or restraining, this love doesn't bind with no records of wrong, this love is truly blind it is given to everybody with no expect for reward but the cost was far greater, than we could ever afford This love never gives up, or will ever disappear it stands tall and fights, it will conquer any fear it will lift you up, put you upon the higher ground bring
  10. Money from blogging can come from one of a few different sources, there may be more than just these 4. If the blog uses a paid subscription to access extra content Advertising - being paid to show Ads on your blog or for users to click on Ads Sponsored - where you read an advertisement during a video blog - "This vlog is brought to you by.." Patreon subscribers who just want to support your blog Any of these takes a lot of work to either get it working or producing enough quality material to make it viable
  11. That is what I found weird, I don't care much for rap either, so it seemed surprising when I wrote it that way.
  12. This is something that I wrote on the spur of the moment, it was unlike other poems I had written before. God is all encompassing love; He came down from heaven above. To search us out, make us his own, for this He left His Heavenly throne. To walk among us, a man on Earth. To show to us all of our true worth. He didn't arrive as a royal king, fame and fortune isn't everything. No battles fought or victories won, but came as a poor carpenter's son. A bright star appears, angels abound, shepherds and animals gather round. Not a palace, a sta
  13. Thank you, I really appreciate your offer to help especially as I am currently struggling with a book related situation and I am not sure how to proceed
  14. In the process of becoming more earnest in the attempt of following my dreams and writing a work of fiction that other people would actually want to read... I would be interested to see if anyone would be willing to be a sounding board and help me by being available via messages rather than posting a forum topic to discuss my ideas and give feedback on my writing in regards to my current project in order to help me write something that doesn't completely suck. I feel my lack of reading, inexperience and lack of education in this area is causing me some issues. I'm not trying to produce the pe
  15. there are also other cloud options like google drive or dropbox. There is a misconception that if the computer is formatted and windows is reinstalled that you have lost all your files, but the truth is that every file still exists on the previous partition, you simply can't see it. You would need data recovery software that can scan damaged or deleted partitions and then save the files you find onto a portable drive or USB thumb drive. As you save new information on the formatted drive it will overwrite data that was on the previous partition. The windows files will most likely o
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