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  1. One more significant thing about the resurrection is that he conquered death, not just physical (necros) we already know he had power over that because of him raising Lazarus, but now also 'thanatos' or spiritual death or eternal separation from God. Interesting though is that the spirit or demon of death is also powerless now because of Jesus victory. He offered up his spirit and breathed one last breath on the cross and chose his moment of death, death did not take him. The resurrection then reinforces the victory and proves that death is powerless as it didn't take him, and it couldn't keep
  2. A perfect song for reflecting on Easter
  3. I stumbled upon this song and found it very moving. As someone born with a significant disability, I always tried to take refuge in the fact that God had created me this way for a reason and he had a purpose behind it. This song really reinforces the idea that God doesn't make mistakes.
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day filled with blessings and joy!
  5. Yes here ya go https://discord.gg/YH6qHedX
  6. Well with the last few chapters I am writing about issues with people that show weaknesses and hardships and I would watch the music video for Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith and the music video for Does Anybody Hear Her by Casting Crowns. I often find the right piece of music can be very inspiring to help me tell the story. Although since I see the story as a movie in my head, in some ways the music I listen to is like the musical score or soundtrack to the movie.
  7. As soon as you said this I had that old song from Petra "Not of this world" pop into my head
  8. Your dilemma sounds similar to what I'm doing in my book, I use both the POV of Simon and Alice. Simon is the MC and Alice is the main supporting character but their stories will merge, there is some indirect connection to begin with, but their worlds don't meet until chapter 6. There is also another character that is related to Alice, but in the story is only associated with Simon and the reader will be familiar with the character, but their connection won't be revealed until later, although the history of the character has already been alluded to by Alice herself while talking to other chara
  9. Well I'd like to say my own.... I write the movie I see in my head I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to turn it into a movie lol I have always wanted both This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness to be made into movies and at one point the first book almost was, except they wanted to remove too much of the story and Frank wouldn't let them so it never happened. To be honest though, if they made either of those books and the effects were anything like the descriptions, I would guess it would be rated R 18+ for horror and supernatural themes.
  10. 1.Singing (don't know if I'm actually any good though) 2.Photography and Graphic Design projects 3.Video editing/filming (don't get to do this anymore) 4.Listening to music / watching specific tv shows 5.Playing Snooker
  11. Is this a wordpress based site? The only reason I ask is, if it is then I suggest you add the Wordfence plugin to help make your site secure against brute force hacks
  12. G'day Mate! Another Aussie joining the ranks!
  13. I like the top title, but it feels like it doesn't capture the story enough for me. I imagine something like Caught Between Love and Betrayal or Surviving Life and Forged Friendships
  14. @William D'Andrea Thank you for your prayer, it is always appreciated @Shamrock I was also fortunate to have a mother who treated me normal and encouraged me to not let my disability define what I could achieve or who I was
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