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  1. Many preachers preach to their congregation about giving hundreds of pounds to the Church and reaping millions from God. They quote “give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Luke 6:38. As soon as we sow, we start expecting the millions to roll in. For many Christians, no visible changes are seen for years. Some stop giving because they never became the millionaire they were promised. For others, they are still struggling to make ends meet and pay off the pledges. Farmers know all about the agonizing wait for their seeds to germinate and bear fruit. Tree planters know that it takes years for a seed to grow into a tree. We should never be discouraged even if nothing seemed to change for us. One thing is for certain, God never forgets the offering of a cheerful giver. Also, to God, it is not all about giving money. Someone I nominated for the employee of the year at his employment because of the way they motivated me as their customer, when I lost my job, became the same person eleven years later my employer contacted regarding a misunderstanding between me and one of his own customers. He wrote me an email, stating that my employer contacted his company. He assured me that he would never say anything to harm my career. I knew it was his turn to talk to my employer about me. He told me that his employer gave him my recommendation email years ago and he had kept it since. The reality of what we sow through word and action dawned on me. What if I had said negative things about him to his own employer eleven years ago? What we sow does not necessarily have anything to do with money. What we say to people, how we treat people, and how we make people feel, could be what we reap several years later. By that time, we might have forgotten that we caused someone to cry throughout the night because of what we said or did to them. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7.
  2. If she is unconscious, could her mind astra travel back in time to her past or wherever you want her to go?
  3. Hi @Jared Williams God will be with you through the first and second surgeries and during your recovery period. He will be there to strengthen you as you regain your physical strength. Just remember - He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will go through the difficult times with you. I pray that God will hold the hands of the surgeons when they are operating, and guide them in the right way for a successful operation. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  4. @Joshua Benefiel You have just described me!
  5. Thanks @Celebrianne for clarifying what you meant by "with Pharaoh" in your edited original post. I agree with @ebsamali that God will not tell you everything that is ahead, he could show you the end result. As for Pharaoh, God did not hide anything from him. He told him to let his people go and he refused. Pharaoh experienced the consequences of disobedience. God did not hide the fact that Pharaoh would refuse the request from Moses either. When Pharaoh knew and had experienced the consequences of disobedience, he still did not let God's people go. God showed him from the very first time that he, God had the power to do signs and wonders to hurt Pharaoh, but Pharaoh still refused and misplaced his own trust in his own magicians to counter God.
  6. Ah! Thanks for that. I misunderstood. I assumed you were referring to Israelites hurting Pharaoh through signs and wonders, that Moses did, and God told Moses to conceal that plan.
  7. Hi @Celebrianne Do you remember where in the bible God told Moses to conceal what the Israelites were planning to do with Pharaoh. I can't find anywhere in the bible where God told Israelites to do anything with Pharaoh. It was Moses and Aaron who confronted Pharaoh. I probably have not yet read those chapters.
  8. @lynnmosher how did the protest go? I hope it was not too destructive.
  9. Some good encouraging tips.
  10. I see lightning flash before my eyes I look out of the window and watch it go It walks from one end of my street to the other end I just cannot believe my eyes. Lightning has come to visit I hope it meets no one on its way to somewhere Where it is going, I cannot tell It is extraordinarily tall and very slim It has a white coat on from head to toe It cannot stand up straight. It zigzags along the way Has it come in peace or in fury? Has it come to bless or destroy? Where it goes next only God knows But I live to tell the tale of Lightning's visit
  11. God knows what it is all about. Praying.
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