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  1. Praying for your full recovery. Glad you are back home.
  2. Thanks. I am based in the UK. I am writing non-fiction.
  3. I am seeking advice on how best to format a nonfiction Christian book manuscript. There are conflicting suggestions over the internet. Do I use double spacing or 1.5 spacing? Do I use page breaks or hit returns? Do I use first line indentations or none? How about spaces after full stops? I was taught double spaces but I picked up single space from the Internet. Should I capitalise and centralise Chapter and its subheadings or not ? Any clarity and further advice will be of great help. Many thanks.
  4. Wishing you all a Happier New Year. Happier than 2020.
  5. Don’t we all love a good party! Birthdays as any other are good excuses to bring friends and family together. Even for those who do not want a fuss, they can still feel the love. Proud parents and friends boast of their loved one’s achievements in never ending speeches. There is one thing that I find missing at Birthdays. I do not really attend many but for those who do, you probably would notice..... Could it be your baby photo missing?
  6. I was someone who was never able to focus. Just like you @JosiAtaraWith half written plays, soap opera and fiction novels stuck away somewhere, and several notes on ideas that never got off the characterisation pages, I realised I was never the person to finish a project. That was until I had a nonfiction idea and asked a friend to co-author with me two years ago. With a binding partnership agreement in place and deadlines for completion of chapters - she was very organised - I felt some discipline on my part was needed to prove my commitment. Unfortunately, she passed away last year and t
  7. She may join up with the wrong crowd to help with her grief. It depends on her personality and social circle. It also depends on how much comfort she receives from her mother and support from other siblings if she has any. I know of someone who lost his mother around the same age and joined up with a gang as a way of coping.
  8. Happy birthday @Sarah Daffy Enjoy your day. Best wishes for the year ahead.
  9. Focus

    I'm new here.

    Welcome family member.
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