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  1. 1. Research the language of the time period my alternate history story which I've been editing 2. engage a beta reader and then iron out any kinks they find in the story 3. publish it on amazon 4. ask for some reviews on it 5. start the same process of editing on my short story 6. and then on book 2 of the first series Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Good luck to you on your writing in this upcoming year!
  2. I can help with ideas and I have some slight knowledge about self publishing.
  3. Congratulations Zee! I'm delighted for you!
  4. Wow, thank you so much everyone! Really happy to be here!
  5. Yes, its called UnPregnant, it's about two friends who take what is supposed to be a comedy road trip to the nearest abortion clinic that isn't legally bound to tell the parents their daughter just had an abortion. The spokesperson behind the making of the film said they wanted there to be less stigma attached to abortions. I was very upset when I read about it.
  6. Thank you! It's nice to meet you to Sarah!
  7. Rene


    Hi Norma! Welcome to the group!
  8. Wow, thanks for the greetings everyone! I feel really welcomed!
  9. I agree the up close and personal confrontation sounds more jarring to readers and perhaps even more satisfying depending the motives for revenge. Some evil people like to watch the one they hate suffer, as opposed to a quick death or one that they watch from a distance. I definitely suggest a closed space like a house for this climax, good luck getting everything sorted out.
  10. I used to focus on just writing the story and encouraging the theme that naturally emerged through that, but recently I've started to think that it's more important to begin with the theme and to write the story around that. It's harder for me to come up with the theme first, but if I don't I end up writing a story more for entertainment than for the glory of God. Preachiness is a concern, but I think if I want a good story I can iron that out, and that preachiness isn't as great a threat as writing only to entertain and for no other purpose. My themes most recently have been tryi
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