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  1. @NicolaWow, that's a detailed book cover! It sounds very expensive, but it looks like it paid off. Thank you, you've given me something to think about!
  2. Wow, thanks for getting back to me everyone! You've given me a lot to think about!
  3. @Sarah DaffyWow, okay! I'll really be looking into that again!
  4. @Cecilia MarieWow, good for you! That's great! It helps to have all those art skills!
  5. @EBraten@zx1ninja@HK1@suspensewriter Wow, it says great things when four different people recommend the same cover designer! I'll look into her, I don't have much experience designing covers.
  6. @Accord64Thank you, your article was super helpful!
  7. @HK1 I've heard of Canva, but I thought only their 30 day trial was free?
  8. Hi everyone! I was just wondering for those of you that self publish, what do you do for book covers? Do you make them yourself, do you pay a service for it? How do you do it?
  9. I write about God through the relationships that my characters would have with Him if they were real people. The way I see it, my stories are the best tools I have for witnessing. (I speak better on paper than I do in person.) And my stories aren't important, only the Bible passages I include and what I write about God is.
  10. That's an emotion packed opening, I doubt your readers will be able to put that book down!
  11. Thank you @Ky_GirlatHeart!
  12. Hi everyone! So this isn't Psalm 18 obviously, but this story came to me during my devotions one morning and I would really like your thoughts on it! Did I try to cram too much in here and did everything make sense? I paced with my hands pressed against my swollen belly. “Sit down, Rayne! You shouldn’t be pacing in your condition.” sighed Kara. I sank down on my pallet. She eyed me, worrying pinching her fair face. “If Father were here, he would know what to do.” I murmured. “Well, he’s not here! He’
  13. @Leah_DonavanI get that part, but what I don't understand is what C.S. Lewis is trying to say about the light. Why does Robin jump off a cliff when he knows it will kill him, why is being in the light worth dying for? Is the light supposed to represent God somehow? I haven't read Forms of Things Unknown, sounds intriguing.
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