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  1. Thanks everyone for your kind words/encouragement. Will keep you posted on the journey!
  2. Hi Again, Sorry please excuse my ignorance, but can someone give me a little insight into self publishing? Various publishers ask for a fair amount of money and offer a variety of advertising options, but how effective are they in getting your book out there? Printing is done on demand but unless its marketed properly nobody will buy it.
  3. Thanks for the response. I have been communicating with Xulon Press from Maitland, Florida. Any comments?
  4. Hi Everyone, Nice to find somewhere where I can get like minded feedback. I live in Zimbabwe, been a safari guide all my life and a Christian for 30 years. Having accumulated a fair bit of knowledge on both subjects, I thought I would be clever and combine my experiences into a fictional novel with a underlying Christian message in the book. Now that's been done, the time has come to find a agent/publisher... eeeishhh. I'm sure like many of you, I've only now discovered its not that easy. Self Publishing route the best option? Any thoughts or comments would be great!!
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