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  1. Titles are tough. I spent two nights just looking up everything imaginable for a project and googling stuff that I never thought anyone would use, and there they were! they all were used. Every single one! I've given up worrying about it! As of now, I have for my linked-story novel, The Personal Files of Branwen Bond. (She's a loving warm person with a therapist's license who first came to life in one of this year's novellas. I didn't catch that you want to drop Sphinx in your title. I'm thinking (or would if I had something besides wet mush in my head right now) it would be cool
  2. was Terror in Sphinx mentioned?
  3. However you do it, good for you finishing your WIP!
  4. One advantage of a proof copy over an author copy is that proof copies come before publication of the draft. Author copy comes after agreeing to publish your book. By the time I got that fact firmly between my ears, it was too late! My bookshelf on KDP and previously CreateSpace is my personal rogue's gallery. Maybe more like a cancelled garage sale flapping in the wind all over the town's power poles. Except those I could have taken down. If a row of book covers on Amazon unto infinity doesn't bother you, go for the author copies. If it does, don't! Get the u
  5. Thanks for input! Love it. Yes, the era is around Moses' time and happens in that same general location, the wilderness of Shur. The story is about a family who lived there during that time but is not connected directly with any of the biblical characters such as Jethro for instance. Added info: Ancient children did call their elders by the same names they called their parents. As for using plain old good English words, why not? I might do that.
  6. I think "mam" is used in the British Isles. Don't know about how far it goes back.
  7. My book is set in 1500 BCE. What will my young heroine call her mother, father, and great-grandmother? Thanks!
  8. Well, I used that name for a tragic short-term character. Her husband called her "Ezzie," in 1869.
  9. Author copies cost the same as proof copies. Even with shipping, the cost is far less than commercial printouts or public library. The shelf of paperbacks inspires me to keep writing despite the sense it's digging the grand canyon with a bent spoon.
  10. Thanks! I look forward to learning more about writing biblical era fiction but without identifying with specific bible characters. My new WIP is set in the Sinai around 1500 BCE. Just getting started on the names and locations to attempt to avoid trespassing on anyone or anything! Lots of time in the beginning phases will help me do that. I hope! I do have an ending, sort of, and my FMC.
  11. Back again hoping for Christian input on speculative Christian fiction, which is what my stories seem to gravitate to. I've worried about reference to "old wives' tales" and try to avoid too much reading from other sites that preach religious biblical literalism rather than personal study and prayer for guidance. Every day I try to realize this is the day of salvation for this day in the Lord. Writing fiction as a Christian is wonderful and most of the time works better than journaling. I delete most online posts after copying them to my journal. That suffices for emotional word s
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