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  1. Good morning, Please read my reply (above) to Lynn. Feel free to let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks, Stephanie
  2. Good morning, Yes, we created a page on our website for submissions. We are not a publishing company, and this is our first experience with collecting stories for a publication like this one. My writing partner and I attend the same church and decided to work together to create this project - a labor of love! Just so you know a little bit about me, I am a published book author and have written hundreds of articles for regional and national magazines. I spent most of my career as a book editor for large book publishers back East. I am currently a university English professor and I am completing my PhD dissertation which focuses on the integration of religion in online classes. We want to be totally transparent, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you have stories to share, we would love to read them and see if they are a good fit! Thank you, Stephanie
  3. We are interested in publishing personal short stories that are inspiring, engaging, and encouraging to Christians of all ages. Stories do not have to be religious, rather, they should be stories that show the Lord’s hand working in our lives or the lives of others. These stories should be powerful rather than preachy. The stories may be true, factual, historical, and based on actual true-to-life stories and situations of famous or infamous people. The stories may also be in parable form. Please click on the link below to download Writer’s Guidelines and submit your story! We are looking forward to reading your submission! https://mindsetgo.info/stories
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