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  1. @PenName, one of the biggest concerns I had was how to make sure people actually read my draft. I think what I may do is create a quick survey to send to beta readers after they've completed a section. I'll make the questions short and sweet but allow space for more of their thoughts if they'd like to provide them. Thanks!
  2. @Shamrock, good advice. I was thinking that I'd rather have my friends read my draft than strangers. However, sounds like experience is saying that those who don't feel they owe me anything are probably a bit better suited for the task.
  3. @Zee, I'm so glad I asked this question. Before your answer, it didn't dawn on me to actually have questions prepared for a beta reader once they had completed the draft. Hadn't even planned a way to gather their thoughts. Based on what everyone is saying here, I may use a couple of friends in different capacities, but I think I will wait until my entire first draft is complete. Appreciate your help!
  4. @Hobbitchild, one of my best friends is an English teacher, and she is a very analytical reader. However, she is terribly kind, almost too kind. I may ask her to read my first draft but have her only specifically look for grammatical and spelling errors. Since she's not a professional editor, maybe this will take the pressure off both of us. She won't feel pressed to give difficult feedback, and I won't be expecting it. Her technical advice will still be very useful. Thank you so much!
  5. @suspensewriter, thank you for the feedback. Oddly enough, one of my friends reached out to me yesterday afternoon to see if I had anything she could read just yet. Based on the advice I'm receiving here, I think I may use her, but then have very specific questions for her to answer.
  6. I'm very new to writing and just learned what beta readers are not too long ago. I'm finishing the first section of my book, and many of my friends fit my reader persona. Is it wise to have friends beta read? If you've done this, what is your experience? Do you find that your friends are honest with you? Have their comments been helpful? Please let me know, and thank you!
  7. Hi all, So happy to have found this site! I have been feeling a press for quite some time to take my writing more seriously, and one of my first steps in doing so was to find community. I just happened upon a vlog this morning, and through a series of events, was led here. Not sure where all this will land, but I am excited for the opportunity to meet other creatives who are also fellow believers. Hoping to connect with those who are further along in this journey, while somehow giving back as much as I receive. Be well!
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