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  1. I have been a worship leader over 35 yrs. I have written many songs through the years. In the last few years God has led me to write about the things that have greatly impacted my life. "The Power in Believing" reveals the realities if what really happens when a person truly believes in Christ. It also addresses some common misconceptions many have about Christianity, about faith and about God. My second book, "The Power in Relationship" addresses a topic Christian pastors and leaders must learn if they are to succeed in ministry or business. Any leader who wants to succeed must lear
  2. New ministry website of Christian worship leader, songwriter and author William Lockhart. I have been leading worship over 35 years. Looking for help promoting my two books: "The Power in Believing" and "The Power in Relationship." I am also looking for music artists interested in recording my songs. Both books are currently available on Amazon, but I have no idea where to go from here.
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