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  1. I think that if you write for yourself, you are free to experiment with whatever storyline or elements you want. There is freedom in that. If you are writing to sell books, well then, you may have to sacrifice some stuff. My advice, write the best story you can the way you want to. Cherish that process before it gets all muddied with other peoples wants and thoughts. Then, after you have cherished your work, put on a thick skin and prepare to make some sacrifices. See what the betareaders think. See what the agents think. Hopefully, you picked the right niche readers and agents to listen to. 😃 In all things, I pray your writing brings you closer to God and to others. Blessings, E.T.
  2. Hi Brandon! Welcome!
  3. @dprowell, this journey sounds so daunting! Sadly, I have not made any email lists. No one reads my stuff yet except my sister, my online Word Weavers critique group, and a few select friends. 😃 I am sorry you are navigating this self-publishing world without someone in your corner to help. Have you thought of getting an agent? Although, the two people I know who did get an agent and go with traditional publishing ended up dropping their agents later. I am sure that is a hard road to travel down as well. I will pray God opens doors and brings the right people into your life to help you see that your stories are presented and marketed well. Blessings, E.T.
  4. Got a kitten for the kiddos. Her name is Bella. Isn't she cute!


    1. JosiAtara


      Aww, I love her nose!

    2. E.T. Newman

      E.T. Newman

      She's a tortoiseshell and so sweet!

  5. White Christmas is my favorite movie.
  6. I've heard that God has a calendar and it is called the Moedim. Some preachers have said that it is found in the festivals described in Leviticus 23. I find studying Hebrew culture and traditions enlightening. I'm no staunch Hebrew roots person that would say we have to observe all the legalities. In fact, I vaguely recall Paul saying each person is to be in the state they were in when they first got saved. Gentile remains a gentile, a Jew remains a Jew, etc. But still, who wouldn't want to know more about the customs and culture our savior grew up in, right? The Moedim fascinate me. There are 3 spring feasts, 1 in summer(some say it is in spring but really its summer for us) and 3 in the fall. Their prophetic fulfillment is just mind blowing when you think about it. Passover Unleavened Bread First Fruits Pentecost (The First Trump) The Feast of Trumpets (The Last Trump) Yom Kippur (The day of Atonement) Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles)-The Great Trump Every year, I look to the feasts and remember that Jesus fulfilled the first three at his first coming. Pentecost was fulfilled by the giving of the Law to Moses in the OT and by the Holy Spirit descending on a group of believers in an upper room in the NT. I've heard teaching that when the millennial reign begins another fulfillment of pentecost will occur signaling a change in dispensation once more. I don't know if that is true, but it is an intriguing thought. No man knows the day or the hour of our Lord's return, but that doesn't mean we should give up hope that this day might be the day he calls us Home. And even more so, I look with great anticipation on the days God has declared as his 'appointed times' in his word. One day we will see Jesus, and what a blessed Moedim that will be. MARANATHA.
  7. Sam, What kind of critique measurements are you looking for? Overall character, plot, review or more specific edits? Blessings, E.T.
  8. I am in this very same boat. Yet, I haven't finished my first manuscript so I would be of no help to you. What I write has realm stones, dragons, and necromancy (which is depicted as bad). I feel (until I found this site a few days ago) that I do not know many Christians that love fantasy books. I grew up reading Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Frank Herbert, etc before I got saved so I sometimes worry that I might be including too much of the mystical into my work. Congrats on your series! Goodluck on your journey of branding/promoting your work. Blessings, E.T.
  9. Hey I love your profile pic. My capital one card has Starry Night on it 😃 

  10. Makes great sense. So encouraged to hear of other Christian writers and their journey in creating great worlds to explore in freedom. Thank you for your input! Blessing, E.T.
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