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  1. @lynnmosher In my opinion, I can't see who would give up writing if they've been given the time, interest, and resources to do so. That's just mind-boggling. Of course, I could understand it if they've been so busy with other things or with family or something along those lines, but sitting down for ten minutes just to write something is still an option.
  2. @carolinamtne Actually, I haven't been through all of those ages yet. I'm quite a bit younger than you'd probably thought I was. But I see what you mean. All of these comments are making me think of starting out with my character being twelve and then eventually hitting those emotions when she's fifteen. But I'll wait it out a bit for now.
  3. @carolinamtne That's not what I meant, but now that you mention it, I could go for a few tips on that as well.
  4. @JoshuaCartwright Sure! I'll email you with my old email address in a second.
  5. I've noticed for a while now that Christian Writers has 8,853 members (and Lord willing more on the way) currently. Why in the world are so many of them who join don't even come back? I've noticed that some newbies forsake the website as soon as they join. Is it because they forgot about the website or something??
  6. Hm, it would be nice to participate in some writer's group activities. I'm not sure what a Discord channel is; I'll need a bit of an explanation on that. But I'd love to do challenges! That would be fun!!
  7. @suspensewriter I think it was because I had the wrong earbud in my ear. Only one of them produces volume and the other one doesn't.
  8. For some reason, all I'm seeing are lyrics flashing but no volume. Both the YouTube volume and my volume are on. But I'm slightly familiar with Britt Nicole. She wrote this song called "Gold" that I kind of like.
  9. @Claire Tucker Aww, I'm sorry that you had to go through that. That must have been heart-breaking.
  10. I want to do a fictional story about a young tween or teenage girl who witnesses the death of her two best friends and having to struggle between the shame and guilt she feels and if she should commit suicide or not. I want to do as young as 12 or 13, but 15 kind of sounds appealing. Help??
  11. I'd like to see how to pick your plots (PenName suggested this already) and what inspired you to pick them. I'd also be interested in how to write without distractions. Thanks!
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