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  1. Quite the poem here! I feel like I'm reading a William Shakespeare poem with all of the unique and intricate wording!
  2. This is pretty good! My only comment is the following line: Since the color green is already mentioned, I don't think you need to emphasize it again. If it were me, I'd change the verb to something else such as donned or adorned, but that's just me. Also, feel free to join the Poetry Club and post it there so that others can read this!! Great job!
  3. I am probably later than I normally would be, but welcome to the family! I'm glad that the Holy Spirit has led you here, and may you continually be blessed with wisdom according to God's Word! Feel free to explore, join some clubs, or post some writings for us to read! Can't wait to read them too, Lord willing! God bless, and I'll see you around!
  4. I will be praying! Just remember God's promise in I Peter 2:24: "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins. should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed." By His stripes, you will be healed! He will never leave you or forsake you either!
  5. I have no idea, but I do tend to dream every night very strangely. If you've ever watched the movie Miracles from Heaven, the girl in this film (based on the true story) went unconscious after falling into the tree and actually saw her body before claiming to have gone to Heaven and met Christ, who promised her that she would never get sick again. You can have her dream or something along those lines in your story, but that's entirely up to you. And @Zee, very interesting dream! Once I had a dream that I was near my church and my screen was pink, and there were these Roblox-like zombie people things crowding the place. I have a strange brain..
  6. If we have faith, We can- Move mountains. Cast out devils. Heal the sick. Raise the dead to life. Set the captive. Cause the blind to see. Cause the lame to walk. Watch missions grow. Watch salvation explode. Change lives. See our prayers answered. We can do ALL of this If we have faith.
  7. @jellicochris Okay, thanks! Like I mentioned to Lynn, I'll try to post about it on the Reading Room maybe this weekend or next?
  8. @lynnmosher It sounds really bad out there!! Just know that God is on your side, and He will not allow you to be hurt unless it was His will. I will continue praying!
  9. Hmmm.. Since you mentioned that this is in the 1840's, I believe that there wouldn't be a nurse during that time period. After reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series as a younger girl and watching the series with my mom, there was just a main doctor whom everyone called upon when needed. Of course, he didn't have the fancy stuff that we have today, but he should have the current knowledge that he needs about medicine. Unfortunately, that's all I know, so maybe do a little bit of research? Most likely he would come daily or every other day, and there would be someone such as the protagonist's friend or mother or whoever to care for her. And I agree with what a lot of the others have said. if she got hit on the side, she should be able to survive unless it was lodged in there for so long and it never got pulled out...I think... It would be more fatal if she got hit in the heart or head. Hope that helped in a way!
  10. Honestly, both of these sound similar to the Netherlands and Norway! Lol! I like the first one simply because it seems more appealing; it also seems to fit the queen's name.
  11. Hello, hello, hello! Congrats on the baby girl! I will be praying for good health for both momma and baby!
  12. Welcome to the Writers Group fam! It's great to have you here! Please make yourself at home and explore the site as much as you'd like, and I can't wait to read some of your writings soon! God bless!!
  13. Congrats on their 60th anniversary! Big celebration indeed!
  14. Thank you all for your prayers for them. We got word today that Dax doesn't need surgery, but Alyssa and her family will find out if she needs it or not this Monday. So please continue to keep them in your prayers! I'm sure that their families appreciate it!
  15. @lynnmosher Alright, thanks! I'll try to post perhaps this weekend or next week, since I'll be busy for a couple of days. How's the protest or whatever coming along there?
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