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  1. Wow, that is definitely something to be praying against. (The witchcraft, I mean.) And I'll be praying!
  2. Nearly half a year ago??? Already??? And welcome back, @Samantha Hopper! What kind of sweets do you like?
  3. WelL.... I do finish school next Tuesday Lord willing; so I'd have plenty of free time on my hands. I could do it just so I could find something to do besides watching YouTube videos instead of writing when I should be!
  4. @Cecilia Marie I browsed her about me page on her website. Seems pretty neat! I might need to see if her books are at my library.
  5. The only book that I've read that I guess would be considered romantic suspense (and Christian) would be Summer of Promises by Amanda Cabot. Maybe I should read more if I can find anymore?
  6. I like Erika's name better. Greye reminds me of a boy's name.
  7. @Leah_Donavan @Grey_Skies In other words, Zee is a wise person. Literally!
  8. Also, just another thing I noticed... At the end of the prayer, she gave a list of several spirits. Those are most certainly NOT spirits from God. There are spirits of God, yes, (I.e. spirit of adoption, wisdom, power, love, etc), but those spirits are nowhere found in the Bible. That indicates that those only come from the other source, and that source is Satan. As my dad said, this lady has a Christin veneer over something so demonic. (Paraphrasing.)
  9. Nice! Here are some brownies, along with some milk to wash them down. (Yes, the brownies are gluten free just in case..if you're lactose intolerant, I present to you cashewmilk)
  10. My dad mentioned that the other day as we were pulling in. That's sad honestly. I'm tired of dividing people into "racial categories" that show if you're the victim or the master. It's sickening, and I just... Ergh.
  11. @Wesley Southern No, it doesn't. I just gave it that title because it ties into the story later with their backgrounds.
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