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  1. Hello, and welcome!! @Sarah Daffy Wow, you write a lot!!
  2. @Sarah Daffy Ding ding ding! Shiphrah and Puah!
  3. @AJCat29 Wow, that was a plot twist. The Christian counselor would be a better option then, or maybe a Christian youth leader in your church. An assistant pastor (if your church has one) could help, too.
  4. @PenName Lol! You're close, but it's not right.
  5. ...I present to you some riddles! It seemed like we had a bunch of fun with the riddle I posted the other day; so why not throw in some more? (And no, @Sarah Daffy, no one may use Google or any other search engine. The thinking caps have been made for a reason. I will, however, tolerate asking other family members for help if you are very stuck.) 1). What gets more and more put in the more you take out? (I came up with this, but I have no idea if this is already a riddle or not.) 2). What has six legs, four eyes, two noses, and two pairs of ears? (I did not come up with t
  6. @Claire Tucker I was thinking about that song last night when AJ posted this, but I didn't think to post it. But I'm glad you did. Good song.
  7. @Wes B Y-E-S. That's how you pronounce N-O.
  8. I completely understand your not being able to tell others about how you feel. Believe me, I am the exact same way. Both of us don't want to tell other people how we feel because we don't want to burden them. I get that. You're not alone in that sense. But I want you to know that you are more than welcome to PM me if you want to vent or you need advice or you just want me to listen. I've been in that same place you're in right now. In Galatians 6:2, it says, "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ." It's okay to share your burdens with someone! If it's not me, that
  9. @Ragamuffin_John I guess to a two year old it would!
  10. @Sarah Daffy Lol! If you want it to be, sure! Uhh....Maybe? Does it look like that rectangle with the two holes in the middle and you have to put it into a cassette player (if that's what it is). I've just heard that word usage before from a movie. Lol!!
  11. @Sarah Daffy Ding ding ding! (Did you look it up?) Yes.
  12. @Sarah Daffy Lol, I'm having too much fun with this!!
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