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  1. Praying! That must definitely be hard with kids there and with not being able to get enough sleep.
  2. Dude, do we have the same Bible reading guide or something??
  3. LOL! Unfortunately, especially now, kids are growing more and more into this world of technology...I've watched one of my friends get a phone when she was seven and get so attached to it (particularly Tik Tok) that it would be hard to pull her outside sometimes just to play with me and her younger brother (granted, I was a tween, but still lol). I don't know. I feel as if they should enjoy their childhood and not get sucked into technology too much. (Or, for some, just don't give their kids technology at all. *shrug*) OR AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE MATURE/OLD ENOUGH TO
  4. Hmmm...For me, I'd say: *Good title first of all; otherwise, what's the point of reading it? *Strong Christian morals/values that coincide with what the Bible says and aren't watered down/barely mentioned at all; I will, obviously, read books that don't have these, but I'm interested in ones that do *Good plot--concise and thorough; not lacking (no plot holes especially...ugh!) *Enough research done if the story's set in historic times or has information that definitely needs research about; however, the book doesn't need to be like a lecture or
  5. Ah, yes, this question....Sooooo, here we go again. I was a pretty avid reader ever since I was a rather young kid (thank you, Mom, for being extremely perseverance in getting me to learn the alphabet so early...LOL!), and I often liked writing stories (many of which I never finished) based on what I read and based on that style. I started writing maybe around six, but I did find a poem I wrote when I was five...Rather short, but hey, I was five. Anyhow, as I got older, I had a good deal of notebooks accumulating that I still have to this very day. I kind of sto
  6. Praying! Keep us updated if you can/feel like it please.
  7. I think I do every now and then (or sometimes...you choose hehe), mostly because I've picked up those words from other books that I've read. Then I have to realize that I'm writing for other teens and that a lot of them won't understand the words I use...LOL!
  8. Awwww, my heart goes out to her as well! (So many people my heart goes out to...Ree...) Praying!
  9. DUDE, YES!!! Revelation is a big fav for me, as well as Matthew and Ephesians (I and II Timothy are also good). I have a lot, I know. YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK EVERY BOOK IN THE NT IS GOOD-
  10. PILE ON! *squeezes into virtual hug* But seriously though, I can relate. It sucks when you really, really, really want to help someone but you know that you're unable to. I will be praying.
  11. Ohhhh, okay. I thought you might've been referring to another previous user on this site...LOL!
  12. Abraham Lincoln? Or someone else?
  13. I'm right-handed, but I sometimes practice with my left hand for whatever reason.
  14. Ohhhh, okay. Huh... @Samantha I will now go stalk her...
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