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  1. As a mom of young kids, I don't get to sleep in that extra hour, but I do get to enjoy the following week or so until I change my clocks, because it feels like it's 3pm, the oven clock says it's 2pm, but in reality it's only 1pm, and I actually have more time to get things done!
  2. The Giver series is like that too, I think. I remember wondering how or if book 2 was even actually connected.
  3. I'm kind of confused by this comment. We have a group thing here, don't we? It's not intended to write with a bunch of people while talking over a mic, but there would be some challenges to work on in your own time and return by a certain day/time to share either how many words you managed to do in a set time, or what you ended up doing with a writing prompt, etc. (Some could be over mic if people wanted to schedule something for that, because there are writers who enjoy working with the atmosphere of other writers doing the same thing, with a little bit of chatting--but typing was my main int
  4. "Channel" may be the wrong term, I think the technical terms are "server" or "chat." Discord.com is a website that can be very organized. Like forums, but quicker to see what all there is and to scroll through the different spots. Here's a screenshot of something my husband had tried to set up once, we could add and delete channels (on the left side where it says "text channels") as necessary, and you just go in and type what you need in each section, like different forum section. We can set it up to have an invite to be able to join, so that it stays private to the group.
  5. I know writing isn't an interactive sport normally, but I so badly want to DO something with other writers. Like, games, activities... some people nearby are doing NaNoWriMo and I'm not participating this year since I'm focusing on editing my novel, but I really miss the write-ins and fun things they plan. One of them mentioned a Twitch marathon--not sure what they would do on it, but I've seen a couple Twitch channels where the people are writing a story and let the viewers make suggestions and such, and I thought maybe I could set up a twitch account--and then I remember that I'm actually su
  6. I could believe either age, but I like HK1 says, I feel like 15 would be more likely for feeling guilt.
  7. Had a nice scare. Slammed my laptop closed in frustration about something else. It froze up, so I was feeling nervous and hoping I didn't ruin anything. After a few minutes I heard an odd scritch/scratch/crackle sound. I was scared that I broke something really important inside... instead I noticed that a video was playing on YouTube...  "OLD LIBRARY AMBIENCE: Rain Sounds, Book Sounds, Writing Sounds, Candle Flame Crackle"

  8. My headphones are either plugged in but chilling on the desk, or plugged in and in my ears but with no music actually turned on.

    It's the thought that counts.

  9. Email I have from WordPress is from "donotreply@wordpress.com" and on top of that, the harassment sounds like spam. I'd personally put a filter on that email to send it to spam (if not trash) and ignore it. But I have gmail so I can't help regarding yahoo filters.
  10. I do agree with writing both. The fiction one has my attention!
  11. Female angels? I don't recall any scripture that refers to this. I agree. The "bride" is more of a generic metaphor, to refer to how we relate to Christ, I don't believe you're off-base at all.
  12. "This is nice," Dumpling said, "but home is better." -Family Sabbatical

  13. Ready to go home from vacation... Praying I'll actually be able to. Supposed to be home by tomorrow evening but every few hours there are more evacuations closer and closer to our home. Prayers are welcome!

    1. jennifer1113


      Lord lead Josi and her family home safely!  Lord give them a protection that no harm will come to them.  Give them wisdom and a peace when making their decisions!

    2. JosiAtara


      Thank you!! The fires are 20% under control. Better than nothing and even though the air quality is still poor, it's not as smokey as I worried. Got home sooner than anticipated with no problems. Looks like we'll be okay at home, but will still prepare bug-out bags just in case something goes wrong. Life is an exciting adventure when your faith is rooted in Christ! (Now to try and get back into writing!)

  14. Exactly. I've looked at different profiles. Some have a tab that shows clubs, or bookmarks, but I've never seen an About Me. That's interesting that you see mine, because someone else said she couldn't see mine. I wonder if it's because you're a Moderator.
  15. Maybe I just don't know where to look, or could have messed up a setting somehow? When you go to someone's profile, should their About Me be located in the same spot as your own? Lynn, here's what I see when I see my profile vs yours.
  16. So it was recently brought up in a different thread that we aren't able to see each others' About Me sections. I'm sure there are a bunch of us who typed one up and I certainly would love to get to know people a little better, so until we can figure out HOW to see them, I'm going to post mine here and encourage anyone else to add theirs in comments as well, even if it's a small paragraph (like mine)! About Me: Homeschooling mom of 2. Other than writing I enjoy sewing, dancing (mostly Israeli Folk Dancing), and board games. Been writing practically my whole life. Some of my fav
  17. My husband listens to Clements' audio books all the time and that got me hooked. We recently got our 8-year-old started with listening too--she is still learning to read, but loves to listen. I think my favorites are Frindle and No Talking.
  18. Welcome! I love your book idea!
  19. I thought that was the problem, but since Ora states that she did fill one out, I checked her page and didn't see anything. I also filled one out, can you see mine?
  20. Have a wonderful, writing-filled birthday!
  21. Sorry that this isn't exactly responding to your message, but I didn't know Andrew Clements died!! Now I'm so sad! But I love that you are trying to carry on some of his style, and that makes me want to read your books. I hate reading on the screen, especially as a busy mom, having actual paper is easiest, but knowing this information bumps your book up to one that I might actually get electronically. Also, that's awesome that he responded to you, what a blessing!
  22. Hey, I respect that. I think you should like the title of your own book And I'm not actually opposed to the use of the word "demon" in the title even though it's Christian fiction. So "A Demon in Sphinx" might be more along the lines of what you'd want? But it still makes me think about Egypt. I get why you want to keep that word though, and there could be a way to use it in the title. Ah, yes, now that summary ending shows why he's still around! I would suggest taking out the specifics of where he traps them, it just feels a little odd to add that specific while the rest of it feels m
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