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    Current life with my toddler. While reading a book, she asked me twice what something was before I had the chance to reply, so I couldn't help myself. I said, "a hunter-destroyer machine!"

  2. Laptop cord was supposed to be brought down today. Parents ended up not coming over after all. They will be mailing it, so I'm not quite sure when I'll have it back.  Meanwhile, Shiny lies comatose in her laptop case, waiting for life support, as I go through withdrawals.

  3. Had a nice scare. Slammed my laptop closed in frustration about something else. It froze up, so I was feeling nervous and hoping I didn't ruin anything. After a few minutes I heard an odd scritch/scratch/crackle sound. I was scared that I broke something really important inside... instead I noticed that a video was playing on YouTube...  "OLD LIBRARY AMBIENCE: Rain Sounds, Book Sounds, Writing Sounds, Candle Flame Crackle"

  4. My headphones are either plugged in but chilling on the desk, or plugged in and in my ears but with no music actually turned on.

    It's the thought that counts.

  5. "This is nice," Dumpling said, "but home is better." -Family Sabbatical

  6. Ready to go home from vacation... Praying I'll actually be able to. Supposed to be home by tomorrow evening but every few hours there are more evacuations closer and closer to our home. Prayers are welcome!

    1. jennifer1113


      Lord lead Josi and her family home safely!  Lord give them a protection that no harm will come to them.  Give them wisdom and a peace when making their decisions!

    2. JosiAtara


      Thank you!! The fires are 20% under control. Better than nothing and even though the air quality is still poor, it's not as smokey as I worried. Got home sooner than anticipated with no problems. Looks like we'll be okay at home, but will still prepare bug-out bags just in case something goes wrong. Life is an exciting adventure when your faith is rooted in Christ! (Now to try and get back into writing!)

  7. Thanks, Past, Self. This isn't even a full question, let alone even a partial timeline to help me remember what I had planned for this book.

    Thanks, Past Self.PNG

  8. In case anyone wondered what it was like to write with young children in the home, I just discovered my 1-year-old's addition to my notes.


    I think she has some strong feelings on these questions.


  9. "As soon as I figure out this ONE MORE THING about my novel, I'll be able to start the next draft," I said for the twentieth time.

  10. Okay, time for a very short burst of cleaning and then more story outlining.

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