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  1. It can be hard to feel God's graciousness during a time of struggle. I realized recently that I had slacked on my gratitude. I normally do thank Him for trials, and usually can see His hand through them--I think it's because I didn't see His hand recently that I failed to be grateful. I like how you worded this, how simple it is that, yes, God is always gracious even if He knows we won't accept Him. So thank you for sharing all this!
  2. Regarding books-to-film not being as good, I've learned to tell myself, "it's just alternate universe fan fiction." Then I can actually expect things to be different. (Except it TOTALLY bothers me when they change Bible facts. Fill in blanks with creative stuff, sure, but to completely change certain things can confuse people about how it actually happened.) I enjoy mostly YA so the Gallagher Girls series by Alli Carter was in the works and I was excited to see that but now I doubt that they'll actually make something. I also hoped they would have made more Boxcar Children mov
  3. *Board/card games *Dancing (specifically Israeli Folk Dancing) *Talking *Observing the night sky (watching a meteor shower, identifying planets through a telescope, etc)
  4. I'd turn that into a comedy. A large dog always trying to insert himself into the cat's life while the cat just tries to be alone.
  5. Either a sweet story of friendship, or a big conflict with a very antagonistic enemy.
  6. I'm currently dealing with self-doubt myself. I'll add you to my prayer list.
  7. So many pros and cons! Personally, I love when books mention places I know. It's exciting for someone to read about their town in a book and think, "Aaa! That landmark! Yes!" Or "yes, that is the worst traffic light, this author really did her homework!" I'm actually using a real location in one of my books, and I get to use some liberties because as a superhero novel, it's basically like a parallel universe, so not EVERYTHING will be the same. Even still, I've got friends from there, and will try to get a few others who currently live there to read it to give advice if they like w
  8. I do! I'm not gonna give it away, but I memorized them after meeting someone named after the first mentioned midwife.
  9. I agree--the trick is to not overthink it. Start with the first part and answer honestly. @Ky_GirlatHeart I was going to guess the answer to yours was something like, "can you answer this question with 'no'?"
  10. It's very interesting, and something I never quite put together-that the copyright of the first book ends before copyright of the second? Instead of having to wait until the LAST book's copyright expires, it's the first. Or did I misunderstand that? Because in that case... Why can you write about a character even while he's still technically in copywrite-land, in a way, but you can't include his character arc? Either way, it's still the character, right?
  11. One thing: my relationship with God. Detailed: a text from a friend that was encouraging even though I didn't need it-- until I felt down two days later. A Bible verse sent by another friend (a year or so ago) that fit 100% while that friend had no idea-and because of that, that verse still helps me when I feel down. Blessings of feeling at peace the day after I feel down and short-tempered for unknown reasons.
  12. There was one other time someone did something like this for me, she also had me baking/cooking. Funny thing is, I actually don't enjoy it at all! (I get too bored, my mind wanders, and I mess up the recipe. Also it just dirties more dishes...). The whisk is because of a pun. I guess it's hard to read in the circle, but it says, "my friends get mad when I steal their kitchen utensils, but that's a whisk I'm willing to take." And I say that last part any time I grab a whisk. I'm actually very much an indoor person. I don't like being cold or out in the rain, but I absolutely

    Current life with my toddler. While reading a book, she asked me twice what something was before I had the chance to reply, so I couldn't help myself. I said, "a hunter-destroyer machine!"

  14. I am a bit concerned with this comment here. Are you trying to say Christianwriters.com shouldn't "entertain" this? Because unfortunately, that's the problem with censorship today. People disagree with something and just delete what they don't like. I'm grateful this link isn't deleted so that we can make our own decisions and I seriously LOVE the amount of love that is evident here because people do a great job at not judging others poorly, and can have kind conversations regarding disagreements. Also, as someone who used to get concerned and frightened about videos like this for
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