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  1. In some places, it actually still is.
  2. That is the kicker. This is why I worry that I'm not actually a good writer. I whipped up 70k no problem for NaNoWriMo a few years ago, but haven't even touched that draft yet (as it was a first draft for a sequel to a book that I hadn't even fully finished yet). I struggle to figure out endings, so I have no problem writing a lot, it's making sure it's worth being read. I read back over some of my writing and cringe like crazy. I even enjoy reading it for myself, but something that I'm pleased to let others read?? That takes way more rewriting and research. My husband tells me I overthink thi
  3. Personally, the mystery of what the fear is is what would make me pick up the book to look more into it. "fear of insignificance" feels clunky to me. I do however love the "compassion vs fear" though, because I'm curious why compassion is what wins out, not "bravery" or some such thing.
  4. It means you better be able to write book 2 in an acceptable time so she can read it too!
  5. I like third best because you're not stuck in only one person's head. I don't think I've ever read a book and thought, "if only this was a first/third person..." In fact, I get lost in the story and oftentimes don't remember if it's first person or not. I firmly believe that some books are better first person, some are better third, and it should be up to the author. (Also, pretty sure the well-loved American Girl books are all third person? And they do great. Yes, they have more than just books, but still.)
  6. I think the hardest part about writing is when I can't figure out an answer to ANY of the growing list of questions for my novel and I have to make myself set it aside so I don't waste more time.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I kinda know that feeling.

  7. @Amosathar hey! You're still alive! I love setting up playlists for books/characters. It's great for getting in the mood of the book, and then I put on a playlist of acoustic guitar covers of video games to actually write. I think I'll go work on finding some songs for a character now!
  8. I thought technically, the correct way should read, "me and Stacy."
  9. Does anyone else ever look up at the sky and see a star and get excited and think about how incredibly beautiful it is, as if you haven't seen it a million times already in your life? God's artwork is the best!

  10. What's a Joseph Lure? Thank you for these! It's a lot--gives me some ideas outside of my own thought process!
  11. Because I wanna fight for Greye as the name, but not if you're feeling like it just isn't quite right
  12. I still like how Greye is more unique. Are you just curious about what readers think, or are you second-guessing yourself on the name?
  13. Me trying to write a novel is 5% talking out my ideas with others, 10% spent researching, 15% writing, and 70% being like Cassandra Cillian in The Librarians, mentally trying to see all the options and wonder which route will go where and trying to put things in the right order.


    If only my brain worked as fast and accurate as hers.

  14. "He said something stupid..." LOL!!!
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