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  1. Jesus used this pattern alot. What is meant by world. What is meant by good. I find a lot of help in quickly understanding the thought by asking myself what I mean by good, and then asking what does God mean by good. The meaning I found very helpful for me (in the greek) is the definition: high birth. Does high birth mean Christian birth, born again...so then I look at my phrase 'most men are good'; in a poem the phrase may and can take on lots of poetic nuances. But basically, if the word means high birth, we have a general working definition that is mostly in accord with many, many biblical
  2. I wondered that also, Amosathar. And only because there are varied meanings for the word world. I was more enthralled by the beauty in the other lines that I hadn't had time to go to this 'wonder' yet. So many good lines in this work that could be made into poems of good writing. (That idea about the mirror took me back to a book I wanted to write about "The Crooked Mirror"...wow...and what it takes just to save the one in the clear mirror...yes, so much good in that line for me. Thank you, Mattaz777)
  3. 'If he is with you, he cannot be with me.’ Great line, mattaz777, Sam here 'Tell if someone is happy by the corners of their mouth' 'What if the treasure was hidden in us?' 'We should worry about saving the man in the mirror.' (I see whole poems in these lines. Very good wordage. I'm inspired, Mattaz: especially the third one on this short list: What if the treasure was hidden in us? Love it immensely.)
  4. ...and this is life eternal.
  5. ...and this is life eternal Credit: Candles, Public Domain
  6. I concur with Grey-Skies: How can I love you so much...(very nice movement; a triple play, to me.)
  7. Just got back from fishing. Sent you an email just now. Sorry, am a little bit behind.
  8. Very good. Refeshing to me. Never been here before. I find the presentation very intriguing owing to the beauty that can be found in each of the words displayed. Powerful, what is happening.
  9. Ps. if others want to know what 'else' I saw, and 'why' I saw them, I would invite you to ask Matt if he can share. (or if I may share things.)
  10. If you facebook me (Sam Dumas) I will give you my email address through messenger. From there you can ask more of my thoughts, and we can dialogue more, as we have time. My aim is to teach a free class in future, or at best give to others some of my many secrets re: writing.
  11. Very many lines I liked in this poem. Full and heavy with imagery that promises more... I see several good lines that would spark lines of thought for several additional poems. The gift one writer has is the the gift one writer sees in another. There is for certain power in this poem. Thank you for being the person who wrote it and shared it with us out here. (You are indeed a writer. It takes one to know one. The first five lines are five worthy themes I would give as examples of the 'several'. More, if you wanted to know the rest.)
  12. Credits: bady-abbas-KiIkhpnWf7I @Unsplash.com
  13. Whether it is a lecture to a divergent, down-faced child, a sermon to an audience of gatherers, or a prophecy delivered to a wayward king, at the end of every talk there is a test. (This is just one of the several articles I want to write about the critical development of feelings, heart, and the inner mind. For several other trailers and lists of my other articles, see here: https://secondwords.weebly.com/from-my-list-of-600-titles.html) Credits: Allec Gomes: Seed; Aaron Burden: Bible@Unsplash.com
  14. Credits: Bridge: Bruno Mira; Alley: Morica Pham – Unsplash.com
  15. Words Mean Spiritual Things It was over 30 years ago, while I was commuting between Seattle and Tacoma, that I first heard Rush Limbaugh say: Words Mean Things. I, and just about everyone else who lives academically, know this line, and believe it to be enjoyably true. Over the years now, and at every writing thesis in my life, I have lived that line, and vetted it to my fullest: but only after I had added one small, almost invisible word to it. This new and spirited word has made it immeasurably more viable in its ability to ford the tryingest turns in which the soul m
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