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  1. Hahah Funny you should mention fasting. I just started a fast yesterday, but I’ve always had the notion that fasting had to be for a pro-longed period. However, one day a week sounds like a good idea to put into practice regularly I have to say (for the majority of my life) I’ve always loved the Word. When I was little 4/5 yrs old I picked up my mom’s old Bible and started reading it (as best I could) on my own. In my early days that was all the religious instruction I had as my mom believed, but wasn’t really practicing at the time. The 2 books I was most attracted to most wer
  2. Paul thank you so much for sharing your story. A primary reason I joined this group was just to share my journey and learn from others.' Sometimes the wisdom of an elder in the faith is definitely needed! I appreciate you
  3. Thank you to everyone who read and commented. I’m brand new here but I’m so happy to see so much support. I was half expecting a lot of criticism....but glad to be proven wrong!
  4. So a few months ago I re-dedicated my life to Christ. I’d been living in the world for a good four years and though I constantly felt guilt there were things I was not yet ready to surrender to the Lord. I think I adopted the theology many churches (In America) proclaim i.e. Jesus as the saviour of my life....but not the master. Now at last I have made him both! But I have been frustrated. I have so wanted that momentous moment where all the sudden glory overtakes you and you speak in tongues, and dream dreams and see visions and receive words of knowledge..... I can’t say any of
  5. I woke up a few days ago with this faint echo in my mind. It went something like “fight tomorrow’s battle like yesterday’s war.” Being half asleep at 6 in the morning, I thought that sounded like a pretty catchy line, and I have to admit that I was rather impressed with my pre-caffeinated self. If a little puzzled. But the more I thought about this little sentence the more I realized that it carried profound meaning for me. Fight tomorrow’s battle like yesterday’s war.... because the struggles that you faced yesterday and today.... you will most likely face tomorrow or at least th
  6. Hey I’m a new member here. I haven’t been on a forum like this before, but I’ve felt the need to write lately and more importantly to connect with other believers who I can relate to. Hoping to find that here! :)
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