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  1. Yes...we are open to previously published articles Lynn. Thanks for asking.
  2. Many of you may remember this title, Contribution Writers for Married Women's Ministry and post: "We are seeking married women writers to contribute a variety of short articles about marriage for our website. Writers will receive full credit for published articles. Writers may submit one article a month or up to 10 articles a month. A biography page may be available for writers who frequently submit and whose articles are regularly accepted. Negotiable. Most Christian genre considered. We will begin accepting submissions on August 10, and accepted submissions will published as early as
  3. kcs


    KCS peeks around the corner.... ...Hello, Josi. Welcome to town!
  4. I haven't had anything to eat yet, and oh my goodness! These cookies look so yummy!
  5. Praise the Lord you are okay. Have a wonderful Sunday! ~Blessings
  6. Father God, I lift up Sarah to you and I ask that you touch her throat and stop the pain. Please heal her Lord and allow her to sing to you, sing your praises sooner than she thinks she will. Thank you in Jesus' name.
  7. That's great to hear, Debe!
  8. Hello Annee! Nice to meet you.
  9. Hello. I hope all is well. I'm new here and trying to get familiar with everything (including members).
  10. I'm just stopping by to say hello because I noticed and liked your last name. Of course I do! It looks like we have something in common. God bless!
  11. kcs


    Hello Sharon. I guess I'm the newbie now.
  12. Hello ALL! I stumbled upon this site yesterday while I was searching for Christian writers, and I'm very pleased with what I've found. My partner and I decided to add an article section to our website, so I started the looking for people to contribute short articles. The responses from this site have been great and we are very thankful that Christianwriters.com exists. We hope to hear from more of you at the Other Half Community, a women's ministry. Thank you and God bless! K. Christian Smith
  13. Oops! I'm sorry. I forgot to include the link. Repost: Well, it seems that it's okay to leave website links here, so please check out: Once you're there click on the tab for Writers: http://www.theotherhalfcommunity.com/ Thanks ALL!
  14. Thank you @lynnmosher Repost: Well, it seems that it's okay to leave website links here, so please check out: Once you're there click on the tab for Writers Thanks ALL!
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