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  1. Oh, that explains.
  2. They're real enough for me to pen their most significant life event that may or may not be true. Sometimes I feel like a biographer...or rather an agent trying to make their story known...even if they're fictional. It's fun to pretend their story could exist in real life.
  3. One thing's for sure, God is the Creator of the universe. And if your fictional world has multiple universes, then God is the Creator of the multiverse. It's easy to write aliens if they aren't sentient. But intelligent extraterrestrials are a lot more difficult to facet into Christian science fiction. That's where creativity comes to play. One of my many solutions would be to have a mutant human cast out into outer space to colonize a distant planet. A millennium later, the mutant's descendants rediscover planet Earth. Another risky solution to the hurdle would be to have biblical events play
  4. The best grammar book doesn't even mention the Oxford comma, because it's pretty clear what should be done: The flag is red, white, and blue.
  5. I think the marketing matters the most. I see the Great Gatsby selling for $12 on Kindle, and it's only 55K words, which means that people are actually buying it. Depends on assets, popularity, marketing budget, and financial goals I guess. I like buying good ebooks that get cut from $15 to $0.99 (though I don't know why they get discounted dramatically).
  6. I want to know what's hot and what's not. Also, my least favorite is Dystopian. Partly because teachers made me read a lot of them as a requirement. But the main reason is that I always find them too secular and unfaithful to the book of Revelation (i.e. vampires ruling the world in the year 5000). Can you believe they made me read Anthem by Ayn Rand in 9th grade? No offense to Dystopian lovers (I know that there are some Christian post-apocalyptic fictional pieces that deal with events after the rapture and whatnot) but I'd rather stick with the knowable present or past.
  7. By placing them in many situations, watching them fail, and find out why they failed.
  8. I'm kinda chaotic, so I write whenever I get the chance. 3AM or 3PM.
  9. Hello, everyone. I stumbled upon this site on my journey of finding decent Christian writing communities. Hope to read some good stuff and share my own stuff as well. Currently focusing on my book within the urban fantasy genre.
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