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  1. Hahaha. Glad that some people recognize that mothers possess innate magical powers...
  2. This was a beautiful reflection. "How much we love God is measured by how much we spend time in fellowship, communion with Him in our heart; in prayers, thanks, In spiritual songs, in communion, every second in our heart. We talk to ourselves at all time, every second in your mind, but how much do we actually commune with God in our heart?" Your words blessed me, thank you.
  3. thanks jonjovi, SpecFictionGuy, everyone else! wow, quite the spread geographically with Claire's location thrown in I'll do my best to keep participating!
  4. Where are most people based? I'm living in SF currently but grew up in Syracuse, NY
  5. Wow, I'm so encouraged by this welcome!! to be honest, I've never participated in a forum before or anything like an online community, I appreciate you all and hope I get opportunities to engage and get to know some of you 🙏 hmmm yes I may post some of my work sometime. Where's the next good place / thread / forum I can go to in order to be more plugged in / involved? I saw some different "open clubs" and threads of encouragement (devos) and such. Hi everyone!
  6. Haha - bugging in a good way seems to be exactly what I need! Thanks for the welcome
  7. Greetings! 26-year-old, Asian American, currently living in San Francisco doing a part-time tech job and part-time work at a small community church, but really inspired/motivated/desiring to write. I need some friends in the writing community specifically who can help keep me accountable to my goals... Recently I started a blog because I've been exploring Asian American identity and how it intersects with Christianity (andrewleewrites.com/blog), but I feel torn because it's distracting me from this 5-year+ work where I'm trying to write a novel loosely based on my parents' immigration + faith stories 😩 not sure where I want to put my focus and effort... I do want my writing to encourage others and to testify to God. Anyone out there who is particularly good at peer-pressuring others to write more, or have experience with the Christian novel and could help examine my structure?
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