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  1. A meat replacement was my first thought. Many SF authors use meat substitutes to avoid this issue or to account for scarcity. However, it would be more interesting to have cows to throw around when the anti-gravitation mechanism fails.
  2. I just posted a review on Amazon. I liked it. I am messaging you some additional info.
  3. There is no difficulty in writing Christian themed stories or clean stories that contain Biblical concepts. The problem I see is holding to Biblical truths like Romans 6:10 when addressing the concept of intelligent life on other planets and how those beings relate to the death of Christ. It raises questions that can be tricky to address. For me, it is more important to get those aspects correct rather than the science. There are, of course, other barriers like the one you mentioned about agents, as well.
  4. Sorry, I didn't mean you were. I just didn't want you to think I was. :)
  5. I reality, I don't think Jesus lived anywhere other than Earth either, but i am writing fiction. I don't want to get into a theological debate, but personally I believe that made "in Our image and Our likeness" means we are created as loving, creative, moral beings. I do not think we look like God because "God is spirit" (Jn 4:24) and most likely has no physical form at all. Which is another good reason not to try to create an image of Him to worship. That gives us a lot of freedom as fiction writers.
  6. For me, the bigger issue is Jesus DYING on other planets (Rom 6:10). I do not see a theological issue with Jesus being born and living on other planets, the problem is dying to and overcoming sin. That is outside of time and is a one-time event. How could Jesus overcome sin more than one time? Unless sin is limited to each planet (which I do not think is a viable option). Events would not need to play out exactly the same way on these planets, however, it seems there would have to be similarities, like sin, God reaching out to restore the relationship, and Jesus' sacrifice. I think I came up with an interesting way this could happen on multiple planets in my SF series.
  7. Cool. Thanks. Wish I read fast enough to justify KU.
  8. I just bought it. From reading the first part of chap 1, I think I'll be able to post a decent review on Amazon.
  9. I'd love more reviews for Three Prayers for Jacob (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HNNW714). If you want, I can send you a gift code for it. I'm almost done with my next book, but it will probably be a month before the cover and all the beta-reviewers are finished.
  10. Propulsion is a major concern. It could have engines that can change angles to allow it to create the spin it needs or move it as needed.
  11. Greg Bear did a good job of creating a asteroid based generational ship in Eon. It was a good story. Not that you have to go with an asteroid, but it certainly is an option.
  12. @zx1ninja, congrats on getting The Jesus Road II released. It sounds interesting. Switching out of fiction mode and back to reality (sorry for verbosity): I totally agree that we should not limit God. Ephesians 3:20 is one of the main things I keep in mind when writing and what helped me to imagine there might be life out there to begin with. Even allowing for that, I feel it is important that our fiction not contradict scripture. As it seems many here do as well. Some think because Genesis Chap 1 doesn’t mention life elsewhere that it can’t exist. I don’t think that has to be the case. The Bible could easily only contain what WE need. Knowing about aliens is not required for finding God. But as you said, He is capable of having created life elsewhere before or after creating us. We cannot limit God with time either. I believe there are passages that indicate we are alone, but if viewed in a more liberal/less traditional way, do not have to mean that. Which allows us to write about the possibility of aliens. So, if there are aliens and Jesus’ sacrifice(s) gives them the ability to receive forgiveness, that raises questions. Are they on their own until we find them after thousands/millions of years with them dying (and going to Hell?) the whole time (assuming everyone sins)? Unlikely that God would be so unloving. Are they living under a substitutional sacrificial system like the Israelites? That is an option. Will we find them before Jesus returns to tell them what their sacrifices are a substitution for? Could they be told in some other way about Jesus? Could Jesus return and collect the souls of one planet at a time? Did Jesus also appear to them and die on their planet too? This would mean that “He died to sin once for all” would really mean, “He died to sin once for all on each planet containing life.” I can think of no other options that are Biblically sound. If you can, please share. Again, these are real options and not possible fictional plots. Though that's often the source of great fiction. A sinless planet is possible if you also hold that Adam and Eve’s sin only affected Earth. This would also require that intelligent life could live without committing sin, which I do not think is possible until we are given our perfected resurrection bodies and Satan is dealt with.
  13. Sorry, I didn't post ALL the implications or possibilities of Rom 6:10. That would have required a much longer post (Hmmm, giving me an idea for a blog post though). @Zee, yes, one possibility is that the sin of Adam and Eve was limited to earth. However, that gives us 2 possibilities for life on other planets and their condition if we encounter them: they have not sinned or they have sinned. If they haven't sinned, encountering sinful mankind would be a bad thing, and they would probably sin shortly after meeting us. Could make for an interesting plot (e.g., Perelandra). If they have sinned and the death of 'our' Jesus on Earth doesn't apply to them, then did He have to die AGAIN on their planet, or do they have another means for forgiveness (I don't think that is an option Biblically)? If His death does apply, is mankind the first to share the Gospel with them? Or as @SpecFictionGuy said, do they know about Jesus through some form of spiritual communication? Rom 6:10 is an obstacle, but there are several possible solutions. P.S., I enjoyed Lewis trilogy, but it has been a while since I read it.
  14. The books of Vance Kessler. He writes Christian Science Fiction and Christian non-fiction books. Vance Kessler's writing style could be called "Informal Theology." He loves studying God and presenting truths about Him in a way that is relatable. Vance's writing is interesting, easy to read, and easy to understand. You will find very few big, fancy church words in his writing. His latest joy has been in writing Christian Science Fiction. He manages to put God's truth into the gripping fictional realities he creates.
  15. I love writing Christian Science Fiction, but there are some serious obstacles in that genre. I am curious. What do you see as the biggest hurdle to get past in writing Christian SiFi? For me, the biggest hurdle was that I wanted to write about life on other planets but had to do so in a way that honored this passage: Romans 6:10 - The death he died, he died to sin once for all (NIV) If Jesus only died once, what would that mean for life on other planets? Would they be left on their own until we reached them to share the Gospel with them or does it mean it is impossible for life on other planets? Personally, I think this verse means that we are alone in the universe, but it doesn't have to mean that. Any hey, that's what fiction is for: playing out possibilities. I found an intriguing way to honor that verse and allow my characters to visit other planets where they discover intelligent life, but it was a challenge.
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