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  1. Often characters don't develop designs to me until they develop a voice. Even then it changes a lot as I draw them, redraw them, play with how they feel about their appearance, how others feel about their appearance, how they feel about other's reaction to their appearance and how far with any of that I want to go. For example, sometimes it's fun to give a character an appearance that matches their desires completely, like giving your rebellious character 15 tattoos, 7 piercings and a mohawk, but as you look at the rebell, you ask what they're rebelling against and can go the other way or pa
  2. When I do get to end my stories people like them. Sadly I have a bit of 'new project' syndrome. It's a bit of a pain. I like to end on powerful lines that encourage the reader to think through the whole project. That's certainly an easier thing to do with shorter stories.
  3. hello, new writer here. Hoping to make friends and talk about Christian topics. I've been writing fanfiction for years but I'd like to move on to more esteemed stories. I want to write stories that make some sort of difference. I also illustrate and am working on starting a youtube channel.
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