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  1. Thank you Jennifer1113. I'm grateful for the warm welcome and look forward to getting to know other writers. 😊
  2. I love your profile and cover images. Owls are precious. Tea for me. But that Bible image is the coolest!

    1. Alley


      Thank you! 🙂 

  3. Thank you, Alley. 😊
  4. Joy! A wedding! We'll pray your nephew and his bride will be able to fulfill their dream and move on from this insane time in history soon.
  5. I'm assuming if your brother's home is fine all members of the family are also? Praying for all concerned that God would use this to strengthen their faith somehow, and that insurance will cover all loss quickly.
  6. I love your profile and cover images. ❤️

    1. lynnmosher


      Awww, thanks so much, Annee! :D

    2. AnneeMcHughes


      You're welcome. Snoopy's the man. Wish I were at the beach!


  7. Thank you, Alley Superwoman. It's lovely to meet you also. I look forward to getting to know you and your writing!
  8. Thank you. The suspense is killing me. Lol. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing critiques. 😊
  9. Hel0o, SpecFic, thanks for the welcome! 😁
  10. Hi, Sarah. Thank you. 😀
  11. Hi, Sophie, thank you for the warm welcome. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. 😊
  12. Hello, HK1, lovely to meet you too! Thank you for the warm welcome. 😊
  13. Thanks so much zx1ninja. I'm glad to be hear and looking forward to what's in store here.
  14. Thank you jonjovi. Nice to meet you also. I appreciate all the kind greetings! 😊
  15. thank you, Clair, nice to meet you also. Looking forward to getting to know folks and figuring it all out. 😃
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