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  1. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. I struggle with this myself and have to keep bringing myself back in line to be committed, focused, and intentional in praying for others.
  2. In My Prayers By Craig Ruhl You are in my prayers. I just posted that response to a social media post from a family friend who asked for prayers for her and her family. The poster didn’t mention what or who to pray for specifically. That is okay because God knows who is in need and exactly what they need at the time. Most of us who use social media receive these requests many times a day. How do we respond? What can we do to lift another person in prayer? We tell each other, “I’ll keep you in my prayers,” or “I’ll pray for you.” But let me ask you a question
  3. Glad you are here GP.
  4. Chris, I am glad that you enjoyed the story. I am blessed to have grown up when I did. You have some great memories as well!
  5. Hi Vance, welcome to the group. I am new here too, still settling in, and loving it so far.
  6. Thank you, Connie. The 4th of July is still my favorite national holiday, in part because of the awesome celebrations, but it is the meaning of the day that fills my heart. When the world has settled down, I hope that you can experience it for yourself. By the way, Canada is gorgeous and a great country. An item on my bucket list is to take a SLOW train ride across Canada.
  7. Chris, thanks for the great devotional today. The passages you quoted reminded me of the basis for my own faith and the cornerstone of my wife's and my ministry - Faith On Every Corner. Our company motto is "We live by faith." Craig
  8. Ooh, Aah… Repeat By Craig Ruhl As we walk over to the high school across the street from the community I live in, daylight quickly fades over the horizon and darkness fills the void. Spreading out our blankets on the hill next to the football field, we eagerly await the show to begin. Suddenly, from the playing field in front of us, a rush of light and sound rises into the sky. A second or two later, there is a brilliant flash and an echoing boom followed by a cascade of red, white, and blue secondary explosions. We hear the first oohs and aahs amongst the throng of onlookers
  9. Other than a dedicated hour each morning for journalling, I could never establish set creative writing schedules. It is not unusual for me to have several documents open at a time so I can return to them whenever I have an inspiration or the time.
  10. Hi Regina. I browsed through some past topics and conversations and came across your post. My wife, Karen, and I publish a free digital faith centered magazine. Would an interview with us on your blog be of interest? Thanks, Craig
  11. Thank you, Spec. I thought I thanked you yesterday, but it looks like I missed doing that.
  12. Welcome, Annee! I am also a newcomer just getting settled into the group.
  13. Welcome, Sharon. I have only just joined today myself.
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