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  1. Everyone at some point has been faced with setbacks in one way or the other and most times we feel disappointed in people, and even ourselves, and we find it difficult to push forward, but is there not a way to handle disappointment? There is surely a way. Watch this video and see how to turn your disappointment into blessing. Invest the next 7 minutes of your time on the values locked up in this video. © Temitope Oke.
  2. Ambassador A week before my exam last year I was at the student union building of my school, I went there to change my teller to receipt, and as usual people were there playing table tennis, they are even my coursemates and it's Tuesday morning. So I also stood there with a coursemate too waiting for the person who will help me with why I've come as we watch them play. Suddenly I told the person we went there together that I can no longer stand there that we can still meet the guy in class since he's our coursemate too. So on our way, the person asked why I said I can n
  3. Do you think I'm right with what I said in this video? Why you don't see results. Many at times we pray for things to change and miracles to happen in and through our lives but most times we have neglected the fact that there's no multiplication without a figure, meaning we must have something if we desire to command result. Watch this video, like, share and comment. I'd love to hear from you too.
  4. Exactly, this is not only so in America. It's really worst here in Nigeria, what used to be shame like unwanted pregnancies by girls in their teens is now been seen as 'normal thing' you will be surprised seeing them post their pictures of them and their babies on Facebook happily without feeling ashame. I just pray God help us, the whole world has been turned upsidedown. Thanks for your contribution.
  5. In a placid city lived a lady decades ago, Among cultivated people she abode. Her house was separated by a flowing river whose water never dries. Her name was Shame. Her presence brought hatred and resentment to other dwellers, She never knew why everyone seemed to see her as a mess. She lived most of her early life in tears, "Why am I hated" was her usual soliloquy. Just as they usually congregate at the king's palace gathered they, Honour alluded they drive Shame out of the city, Moral was not against it as she was also about to burst. Hono
  6. Little Children Some days ago I saw a small boy of about 3 years of age crying and running after his brother who was trying to dodge him so that he won't follow him to where he was going. This small boy was crying seriously as he ran towards where his brother ran to. Then he saw a stick and suddenly, he forgot he was crying. This small boy switched mood instantly, the crying face became a smiling one. I was so surprised, then this verse of the scripture dropped in my mind. And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye sh
  7. Awnnnnn, I'm glad to hear this. Thanks so much for the comment.
  8. Oh really I'm really happy to hear this from you. You're welcome.
  9. Oh! Thanks so much. I'll surely follow it there.
  10. Hey, I'm new here just want to drop one of my articles. I hope to have your comments on it. DON'T The word "don't" often comes inform of a command or warning. As in "don't write" "don't talk" etc but at the same time this same word gives room to be dared. Have you wondered why you're always triggered to do what has the word "don't" written on it? For instance, when you find someone's dairy and on opening the first page the person wrote "don't read this dairy, it's personal and confidential" tell me the first thing that will come to your mind. If I guess right I'
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