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  1. Oh really 🙈 I'm really happy to hear this from you. You're welcome.
  2. Oh! Thanks so much. I'll surely follow it there.
  3. Hey, I'm new here just want to drop one of my articles. I hope to have your comments on it. DON'T The word "don't" often comes inform of a command or warning. As in "don't write" "don't talk" etc but at the same time this same word gives room to be dared. Have you wondered why you're always triggered to do what has the word "don't" written on it? For instance, when you find someone's dairy and on opening the first page the person wrote "don't read this dairy, it's personal and confidential" tell me the first thing that will come to your mind. If I guess right I'm sure you will think what's personal and confidential? Your answer to this question will tell if you will drop it or read it. What always trigger you to dare the word "don't" is that you want to know what will happen if you do. Even when it has been written there that "don't cross this line" and the consequences have been stated there, you will still want to take a step to cross that line to see what will happen. I also dared something a day or two days ago, I think it was what prompted me into writing this. I was on Allison Hyacintho's Facebook page when I came across this post, he stated there that "this post is rated married, singles read at your own risk" and I was like, what's in this post that it has marital status restriction. That's how I clicked on "read more" and guess what, I couldn't finish reading the first paragraph before I quickly jumped out of the post. I knew I was already out of boundary. What's the point? Daring can be so costly, it might cost you your life. It might cost you a damaged relationship. It might cost you your worth and value seeing that you don't have regards for others privacy. Adhering to instructions will always earn you self-respect. Imagine you finding my jotter and you saw on it "don't open" and you didn't open it without you knowing that I'm watching you from afar, it will make me feel safe with you and guess what, I'll respect you for that. I have found someone's dairy and as I was about to read it I saw it written there "please don't read" and I closed it and delivered it to the owner even though he won't know if I had read the content. I also value my jotters and my brothers knows I don't joke with them unless I want them to read something from it. Don't dare "don'ts" It's a sign of respect to you and the other party(ies) involved. Hope you have grabbed something? © Temitope Oke.
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