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  1. Just ignore them and you have the Bible Jesus did. For fun, see these: https://sensusplenior.net/wiki/Pneumnemonic_Hebrew_for_Beginners https://sensusplenior.net/wiki/The_Dietary_Law
  2. You are confused by vowels which were added around 600 AD. They were the same word when Jesus read them. לקח A similar problem exists elsewhere: 'Amar' and 'emeer' are the same formation אמר which is 'said', 'word', and lamb. When John the baptist said "behold the lamb" some heard him say "Behold the Word...". Why would disbelieving Jews add vowels to the language, when even today they are not used in newspapers? Couldn't be that they wanted to hide Christ from their children? De 32:2 My doctrine <03948> [לקחי] shall drop
  3. the Hebrew word for marriage 'laqach' also means 'doctrine'. The bride is used as a metaphor for those who are taught by Christ. Paul said that when he spoke of marriage that he did not speak of marriage, but of Christ and the church. When he said that women should learn from their husbands, he was saying the church should learn from Christ. The kingdom is teaching. 'Elohim' means God אל separated from his people ים by ignorance ה. Israel means man יש joined to God אל by revelation ר. Jerusalem means teaching of peace. The New Jerusalem is the New Tea
  4. Someone has said that pattern is prophecy. Pattern exists, legitimately in many layers of the Bible. How do we know that we don't invent it? Because it is validated by the other prophecies. (Every word is established by two or more witnesses). As for the sealing of books: The kingdom is teaching. The keys to the kingdom are the shadows of the cross. The kingdom (teaching) was taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles. The Gentile church has taught for 2000 years using the Gentile (Greek) hermeneutic. The kingdom will be given back to the Jews. The teachin
  5. As i recall, there are many Hebrew words used only in SoS. Their meaning can only be ascertained by the formation of the words. This is why it has been low on my study priority. With so few usages, it it difficult to verify them. However, any doctrine derived through the formations would still require validation through other scripture. I am sure you have noticed that the Shulamite woman is a 'solomon' woman. Both names mean peace, and 'Shulamite' is a decorated form of 'Solomon'. From this we observe what is taught elsewhere. the peace with God is a two-way peace. "Returning t
  6. mnwriter: When we say 'Waterloo', we may be speaking of a place, or as a reminder of a person, his lack of preparation, or his opponent's good fortune, as in Wellington's Waterloo. They are all descendant mataphor for the original idea which incorporates them all. By using different words, and looking at different angles, it appears that addtional meaning is being imposed. But the original idea does not change. It is merely restated in a different way. We enter the idea by one of the expressed portals and can exit by expressing it differently. I haven't stu
  7. Yes. We are not speaking of the literal meaning using dictionaries. We are speaking of how to interpret the riddles (dark sayings) and the hidden pictures of Christ, the mystery hidden from the beginning, in the Hebrew. The OT is like a "where's Waldo" book with Christ everywhere. The rules for interpreting riddle apply.
  8. SpecFictionGuy: I'm sorry. I am not quick to dismiss either. I have every hermeneutics book used in the major seminaries. I was teaching hermeneutics in the mid 80's. I have corresponded with many of the authors. I have been an evangelist/pastor since the early 80's and have taught evangelism across the denominational spectrum. I have over 20000 hours of research, and have studied with some of the most recognizable Rabbis in order to think like a Hebrew rather than like a Greek. Nor am I down on seminaries. When they debated the existence of sensus plenior in the 1980s and 90s , they did not
  9. Thanks for asking. 1. "The only way it means “to be taken in marriage” is if the verb is in the middle passive which comes with the addition of an aleph after the lamed. " DBHL is wrong. See Ge 19:14, לקחי has no aleph. One must be careful in using 'tools'. Dr. Strong missed the point that in Hebrew 'Agape' means 'the combatants'; it is the love we give our enemies. Tools aren't scripture. 2. We are now speaking in childish riddle. The Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formations) is thought to be a religious text for Kabbalah. However, if it is read as a phonetics book, it
  10. This is a poor definition of a riddle. A riddle is a perplexing saying which cannot be resolved without outside information. But once the outside information is known, the riddle is plain. What a perfect way to hide the 'mystery hidden from the beginning' in plain sight. The answers to the riddles of the OT are in the New. It is said that the OT is the NT concealed. This is true, but only until the time of the cross. then the NT authors started teaching us how to read the concealed doctrines of the OT. That's what these papers are all about.
  11. Maybe I need to clarify it. The parables contain riddles. There are two meanings. So just as the door is ajar, so the parables are something else as well. This is 'sensus plenior'. Many deny it exists, but we can pretty well discern it in a reproducible and verifiable manner, which eliminates free-for-all allegory. Ps 49:4 I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my dark saying upon the harp. Ps 78:2 I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: The whole OT is written in prophetic riddle where the literal-historical record is a p
  12. Since my first sample scared a bunch of you with Hebrew and big words This is a new sample of my writing. I have tried to capture how I speak with young children about the Bible. https://asalittlechild.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  13. "I, just , remember, you , are, supposed, to , use, them when , you, take, a, breath." he said, gasping-ly.
  14. Thanks Johne for the welcome. I was not intending to restart the debate. I think not even a court ruling solves it legally until it reaches the SCOTUS, where they will consider my position I actually did read the link in the OP referencing that same case. It was more of a way to say "hi" near our 4th of July with a tip of the hat to our British friends. When they gave secretaries Pagemaker, everyone thought they were graphic designers and we saw many Business cards laid out in 12pt Helvetica. The same thing happened when the online publishing became
  15. Being an American engineer the argument is pointless. Take "I like Diet Coke, peanut butter and chocolate." If peanut butter and chocolate are single item called 'Thing', then you have : I like Diet Coke, Thing. This, no one would think was proper English, since a comma is a dependent conjunction (it must be related to a proper one). It is obvious that this sentence must signify three things. The additional comma required by Oxford was probably added during a time when they taxed by the quill stroke.
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