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  1. Thanks for trying, and for your advice, Lynn! I will try again another day. I confess my computer skills are lacking, I am still trying to navigate my way through this website.
  2. What a wealth of memories from another time, I felt almost as though I were participating. The fourth of July is celebrated much more than we Canadians (or I) celebrate Canada Day. I hope to experience it one day, when the world is in a better place.
  3. I wrote this in response to what I read, but then it would not let me post, for whatever reason. Now I cannot find it, so I will post it here, and try again another day. I thought the competition began after one becomes a big name writer. I have submitted so many stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul, yet feel no jealousy towards others who have been published. I believe my time will come. My regret is in not having pursued this passion sooner, but I was so focused on problems life invariably sends our way. Still, it is better late than never. I have learned so much just in the past couple of weeks from reading Jerry Jenkins' articles. I sat down and pared one-hundred words off the 2,400 word children's book I am currently writing. Every story I have ever written can be improved upon, and then re-submitted at another time, another date. Writing fills me with joy, and hope,
  4. "The most-rejected-books-that-went-on-to-become-bestsellers list." I found this fascinating. I don't plan on ever giving up, I love the craft of writing too much.
  5. Hi Nicola, where are you from? I am a fellow Canadian living just east of Vancouver, B.C.

    1. Nicola


      Hello Connie! 

      Your name is familiar to me. Are you part of Inscribe Christian Fellowship?  

      I live in Calgary!  I'm glad you said "just" east of Vancouver!  Otherwise it's like saying, "I live west of Halifax."  I have a very literal mind!  

      Welcome to the forum!  It is a wonderful, encouraging, peacefilled place to be.  I look forward to seeing your comments on things, and your work in the critique section!


    2. Connie Eberhardt

      Connie Eberhardt

      Hello Nicola!

      I apologize for not responding sooner, I have had several projects on the go. I am not part of Inscribe Christian Fellowship, but my surname may be familiar to you, as Alberta had a premier with that name in the 1940's. We lived in North-west Calgary for five years from 1985-1990.


      I learned to spell, rather than pronounce the name when picking up an order, as it caused confusion. "Bible" Bill Aberhart changed his name to simplify it. His ancestors hail from the same part of Germany as my father-in-law.


      I have never felt so cold in my entire life, but my father always said, "Prairie people are warm and friendly." I had to agree.

  6. All the excellent advice offered on writing your first draft, and editing later has really helped me write my latest narrative in only a few hours in a single day. This is a record for me, although the word count is only at 600. I would spend spend hours writing and re-writing my first draft before I had even completed the story. It is much easier to, "Put on my editor's hat," (thanks Johne) the next day with clear eyes.
  7. Thanks for your confidence, Lyn! I find it difficult to wait so long for a response that may not come, but I am not giving up.
  8. On Saturday I attended my nephew's wedding. Here in British Columbia one must maintain physical distance, we are permitted to attend outdoor gatherings of up to fifty people. It rained all week, but the sun shone bright that day. A guest list of three hundred was paired down to fifty. His cousins living nearby, and relatives overseas could not attend. When I e-mailed a friend about wearing my best summer dress, and having to use an outhouse, she thought it was hilarious. I took her comments and ran with them, creating a six hundred word Chicken Soup for the Soul story, due at the end of October.
  9. Welcome! I am a newbie as well.
  10. I have never read a Harry Potter book, but I understand the author received multiple rejections. A secretary gave it her personal recommendation, asking her boss to take a second look. The point is, don't give up.
  11. Lana, that is excellent advice, maybe it will help me shut off my computer at a decent hour and go to sleep.
  12. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me so warmly, this time I remembered to click on the 'like'.
  13. I am just the opposite. I might write every day for a few days, and then skip a few days. My main problem is, when I sit down to write, I can't stop. Six hours feels like two hours. I even forget to eat. By all rights, I should be very thin. When I think of turning off my computer at midnight, something compels me to make just a few more changes. The next thing I notice, it is 2:00 AM.!?! I am yawning at midnight, but by 1:00, 2:00, or later, I am wide awake, so excited about writing, I can't sleep. It is like a high, as mentioned above.
  14. Thanks so much, jonjovi! When I was a (very) ☺️ small child, a man from my church drove a car just like yours. It was fairly new then. I loved that car!
  15. That was well done! Animals are so incredible! I was wondering what kind of cat that was, and now I know. I am really not a cat person, I love birds, but those blue eyes and the patterned fur are incredible! It is also nice to see the cat perch under the dog for security!
  16. Thank you so much! I am really excited to have found this site.
  17. Hello everyone, I just signed up. My passion for writing lay on the back burner for many years. A few of my stories have been submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul, as they accept submissions from unpublished writers. I am working on paring down excess words, and hope to receive a response in the not too distant future. My response to an article in our local paper was published on-line, despite the editor's insistence they would not be publishing any more letters on that subject (Abbotsford Public Schools no longer permitted to collect Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes).
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