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  1. Do you offer poetry or other contests? Thanks.
  2. Two awesome kids. One great hubby. Three lackadaisical felines. I want to give positive encouragement as well as accept criticism with grace. Thank you.
  3. Good rhyming. Liked how you abbreviated mission'ry.
  4. Enjoyed the descriptions of the animals.
  5. Love "Gait of our conscious". As we walk with Him, we will be like Him.
  6. Amen, amen. "He finds no fault..." Yes. Good.
  7. OUch! But I love that it so truthful. Good job.
  8. Wow. Excellent reminder to how we are to really be.
  9. Good. True faith in God can do anything.
  10. I need to be established in order to be critiqued? I don't know what that means. Could I please put something here and have it be critiqued? Thanks so much. Annette
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