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  1. That is great! No I have been editing. Also my full time job has been so busy this week! I just edited today. My goal is to write once a week. I write devotions so that is very manageable. Did you write today?
  2. He gave all so that I could be saved. He is my Savior, He bore my sins so I do not have to be judged for my sins. He forgives and He loves. It is a relationship!
  3. Lord be with Muslims during this time frame. Show them the truth of Jesus from co workers, friends, neighbors, websites, books, videos and music. Lord, how them how the rules they follow are not pleasing God, but a false idol. We ask that they feel the presence of Jesus who is the only Savior for man kind. In Jesus name we pray Amen!
  4. Slow, but great question! I took a couple of days off, but will get back to it!
  5. We need to rejoice on the small treasures of the day!
  6. Thank Ky! I finished the devotion and now I am in edit mode. love the accountability
  7. Yes, I did. Finished the devotion and now I need to edit. Thank you suspensewriter for accountability
  8. So I just finished writing! Thank you for the accountability. I knew I what I wanted to write. I just had not sat down to make time to write. Thank you for great support!
  9. I am grateful for the advice, learning so much, the jokes and fun times and showing us how to continue to focus on the Lord in whatever we do! Thank you my online friends! I have learned,laughed,prayed, and got support. Y'all have been great!
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