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  1. Welcome Candipoti! We are glad to have you! Glad that you are writing in your country!
  2. Welcome Madyson! May God guide you in your writing!
  3. Love that you are grateful for lambs!
  4. Amen! the Lord can truly heal!
  5. Amen to that! I'm in agreement!
  6. Yes, that is the only way we get through at times, when God carries us!
  7. Wow!!! I am glad that whatever happened they are with you!
  8. Those are great praises! Christmas trees are fun and family is great to be with!
  9. William you sound like a breakfast eater. I love a good breakfast too! Praise God!
  10. I am in agreement with chocolate ice cream..and also having help with a blog. I have needed help with my blog in the past also!
  11. Yes, my relationship with God is a great praise. Bible verses and friends who encourage us by the spirit or just by trying to help! Peace is amazing that the Lord gives us!
  12. I am going have to said Amen in agreement with that!
  13. Yes, sometimes we all forget to praise! A warm home is a great praise....especially because I am cold natured
  14. One thing that you are grateful for today! I think this will be good exercise for us all
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