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  1. you forgot celebration of life. yes....it was simpler when it was just a funeral.
  2. Welcome and this is a great community!
  3. Welcome Jim! Thanks for the quote!
  4. I have a dog and a cat my dog has some cat traits and my cat has some dog traits my cat LOVES riding in the car. He throws a hissy fit when he has to get out.. he digs his nails in and refuses to leave..and tries to hide under the seat..
  5. You may also want to bring up the gift of adoption that so many families cherish!
  6. Hi Panda! Nice pic. Welcome! May the Lord guide in whatever the day or years bring!
  7. I like to write at work. I have better internet and will not get distracted at home. Or I can write on my couch. The problem with writing at work, is I have a lot of work to do also.
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