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  1. My Lord


    Who lives with in

    glory be your name


    open my eyes to see

    your vision set for me


    giver of life

    I pray to thee


    awake in me

    all I can be


    restore my soul

    make me whole


    release in me

    your will be done.


    Thy Glorious name

    I shall proclaim



  2. I felt deeply touched by these words - Thank You & God Bless ✞
  3. I felt this deeply - Thanks for sharing
  4. Creator … giver of life Savior … he died for our sins Redeemer … our ransom was paid Light … that shines in darkness Strength … when we are weak Comforter … in times of worry Anchor … when we feel insecure Rock … our solid foundation - Debe
  5. Welcome to CW’ Be Blessed
  6. I’m so blessed this spoke to you ✞
  7. Word of God Speak We tend to read too much, and not hear open your Heart let the Bible speak to you. Let’ all thoughts of the day be put aside, find a place in solitude and listen, feel comfort and eternal power within. Living within this world walking’ in righteousness. Sharing joy and peace brings others into the family. Our eternal home in heaven awaits are coming, give unconditionally, be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have a purpose in this life. God formed us for a reason. In his time we shall return home and dwell in The House’ of Our Lord. When are heart feels
  8. John 15:11 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete Joy Feeling complete Happiness Exult in his Holy Name Grace Free and unearned favor of God showing divine grace. Praise Hallelujah our God Reigns lifting your voice in praise Glory Thanksgiving offered to God giving blessing and honor Worship Love with great devotion given to God alone Delight The of innermost joy receiving the Holy Sp
  9. Wow thanks for the insight, your words kept me wanting to learn more.
  10. Hardships God does not lead, His children around hardship, but leads them straight through hardship. He leads us through the valleys and out of darkness in life to streams of living water, for our nourishment can be found within the Bread of Life. Good can come out of, bad situations never give in to empty solutions, easy way outs. Difficulty is part of life, hard times will come and go. And may very well be to get your attention. Good can come from hardships, like the precious jewel at first its ruff around the edges, the Jeweler just like God works on that special jewel and never giv
  11. Alpha & Omega

    I am

    the light of day
    bread of life
    breath you breathe

    I give

    beat of your heart
    sight to see
    sounds you hear

    I take

    every step you take
    away your pains
    your sins

    I will

    be with you
    never forsake you
    answer your prayers

    I am

    the dark of night
    your resting place
    keeper of your soul

    I am the Great I am
    the beginning and the end 


    - Debe

    1. Donald James

      Donald James

      Very Nice Poem.  God Bless

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