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  1. Hello everyone! I'm an aspiring writer of the clean and christian fantasy genre. I'm currently writing some sweet fairytale retellings! I've been searching for a community to feel like I belong in with much struggle. I've felt discouraged on several occasions, but I truly feel that God wants me to pursue this path of writing. So I'm working on my self-confidence, and I'm very happy to be here and glad that I found this welcoming place! Thank you all!
  2. Oh my, I just did the main character of my current novel and she is quite different than me! ESFP-T, the Entertainer. It sounds just like her. Her love interest is much more similar to me as an INTJ-A, the Architect, and it's also perfect for him. It's interesting what an unlikely pair they make! But of course, that's the whole fun of it, finding a way to make them grow and fit together.
  3. Thank you for this! I'm going to be contacting editors in the future here for the first time, and this is a really concise guide on how to word the request.
  4. Wow, I've never thought of this! I imagine my characters will be all across the board, but now I'm definitely curious. Now I'm wondering if they'll all end in J as well, since I'm definitely J! (50% ISFJ and 50% INTJ)
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