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  1. @Thomas DavidsmeierJust to let you know Thomas I emailed you my work last night. Let me know if you got it or not. Thanks again for being willing to check out my work
  2. yup Zee that's what i've found out too useful but not required to create good characters
  3. @Sam A. Belgodere I see, I'm brand new to the forum as well so I'm not sure how to help you there. Just email me with a title saying something like, "Beta Reader Sam" and I'll respond to your email with the first chapter of my book it's rather long but it's best you read through that whole chapter to get a better picture of the beginning of the book than just giving you a small clip. my email is spiritjkd89@yandex.com Thanks again for being willing to check out my book I'll be in touch my friend
  4. That's good I'm completely fine with other opinions and agreeing to disagree. It has just been tiring to see all the demonization of people just because they have different opinions. For awhile it's just seemed like if u think or believe the wrong thing ur just labeled and attacked without reason. Glad people here can still love and respect each other even though they may disagree. Seems like that attitudes quickly disappearing in the world And man you been busy I see stay with everything going on
  5. @suspensewriter I'm sorry I JUST learned about it like yesterday lol so I'm no good for helping you with it I don't even know myself yet. I was planning on picking scrivener pretty soon here but I wasn't going to start working with it till I started my next draft. But youtube has quite a few video's about it. I don't know if this video is too old but this guy runs through a formatting setup for his book on scrivener.
  6. @suspensewriter I'm assuming she's referring to this https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types It's like a list of Psychological Personalities that have been determined by psychology over the years. You're able to take a test for free on a lot of sites to see how much you relate to these personalities based on your answers. A lot of times it's pretty accurate, but it can also be a great tool to create personality for characters I've heard I probably should be using it more honestly lol
  7. @suspensewriter yeah I wish I had started working on my book with it after I found out about that. That saves a lot of work but I got to go to make another run through my book so it will work out in the end for me I guess
  8. I've actually seen that recommended on some youtube video's by some writers. It seems like a pretty legit idea I was messing with it myself for a little bit and stumbled upon some other similar things. It would probably do good for me to reconsider the stuff. Thanks for bringing that back up that hasn't been on my mind for a long time now.
  9. Bit late to the party but I just recently decided to jump on the Scrivener train myself after watching some videos with all the features it offers its hard for a new writer like me not get it. I mean I hear you can setup a template to handle all the formatting right away that alone makes it pretty worth it to me.
  10. I'm glad I joined a forum where many people feel the same way I do about everything going on with that stuff. I hope you're all still staying safe with everything going on God Bless.
  11. @Zee Thanks for this post Zee being in the middle of writing myself I had actually stumbled upon the same idea's so this is a lot of good feedback for me in the future. Thanks everyone
  12. @Zee Nice Zee so your an author good to hear, keep on grinding my friend I know I am!
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