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  1. Thank you. I did send you an email to the above mentioned address. I said it was from me in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  2. Would it be ok if I just shared something here. This is a poem I wrote that is actually a part of my story "The Body of Chris" . It is my take on what I would call a "Beat Poem" ( think beatniks of the 60's with berets and John Lennon glasses all snapping their fingers instead of applauding ) I hope you like it. " Who Needs Jesus " Who needs Jesus Jesus, who sees us Who frees us To be us The we that He Wants us to be, us The 9 to 5 us The dead and alive us The hip and the jive us The husband and wife us The sighted and blind us The "I'm lost please come find me " us The " I haven't got time to make up my mind " us The rich and the poor us The virgin and whore us The "Please, I want more " us The night and the day us The "I'll do it my way " us The "I'll say what I want to say" us The " I'll lay with whom I want to lay" us The straight and the gay us The sinner and saint us The strong and the faint us The "I'm not really as dark as they all want to paint " us Who needs Jesus The Jesus Who sees us Who frees us to be us The we the He wants us to be , us The me and the you, us The Muslim and Jew us The chosen are few us The " Who the (bleep) are you to tell me what to do " us It's all in His name , us The different and same us The " I'm living with shame" us The "Who can I blame?" Us The wild and tame us The you and the I , us Who all live and die , us Who laugh 'til we cry, us The "Don't say Good-bye" us The " Why God , oh why?" Us We We need Jesus We need Jesus to see us We need Jesus to free us We need Jesus to help us to be us You and me We We need Jesus Critique is always welcome. "Iron sharpens iron" as they say. Thank you
  3. Good point Nicola. I have not suffered abuse personally. But I will wait and pray and see where God leads. I currently have a 20K word story that I am sharing. I am mostly an "idea guy". I write poems and I have a couple of plays that can be turned around and made into screenplays (maybe) . Who knows at this point. I used to write for myself but I feel it is time to write for others. Thank you again for your support and kind words.
  4. Agreed. That is what I meant. Easier from a writer's perspective. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the encouragement. Maybe instead of sexual we change it to a verbal or physical abuse ( a little easier pill to swallow ). Also i have another thread here about a book I call The Body of Chris. I posted the first 2 chapters and have received some good feedback. I might continue on. I was also thinking of switching it to a screenplay. Thanks again for your kindness.
  6. I am just curious. Is anybody here a screenwriter ? I have been getting pretty good feedback from my first couple of chapters. I think it would probably be better as a movie. When I wrote the story I had the movie playing in my head. What is the format for a screenplay? Did you have an outline you followed ? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. That is good to know. Wil be looking for more help as I pursue this dream further. Thank you all.
  8. So many talented and successful authors. I wrote poems through high school and I was part of a group that helped with the Christmas Production at church. I was lucky enough to write a majority of a scene once and I incorporated that in my story. I know I can't afford a real publisher but how much $$ do you need to self publish ? I would love some input on it. I look forward to maybe working with 1 or 2 of you. Thank you.
  9. I have had a poem in the local paper and 2 contests based on the Scrabble game published in Games Magazine and Games World of Puzzles. But I would like to publish a Novella ( maybe 2 ) .
  10. I am new.to this group and I was curious if anyone has been published ? How many copies did you sell ?
  11. Thank you Lynn. I was unaware that we had to have a certain number of posts before we were allowed in certain forums. Has anyone here been published ? How many copies did you sell ?
  12. To Zee, thank you. I tried to get into the critique and feedback forum but it would not let me in. So let me just say that my story is about 3 people who are met with accidents/ illnesses that require a transplant for them to survive. A young Latina woman who we first meet in a High School party where she is given alcohol and is raped by her date. She becomes an alcoholic and needs a new liver. We then meet a gay ( yes he is gay ) Asian man who wants to make movies. There is an accident with the lights on set and he needs new corneas to restore his sight. Lastly is a know it all ad writer who has a heart attack and needs a new heart. At the beginning of our story we witness an African American man who is in a major car accident with an 18 wheeler that loses his brakes. He dies but his organs save the lives ( and change the lives ) of the other 3 characters.
  13. Thank you Lynn. It is a brand new idea. I am not sure , really , how to begin, but if another writer thinks that this is a good idea and would like to collaborate, I might be interested. Provided they leave me just a small piece of their coattail to ride on.
  14. I am new to this. I have an idea for a story. I am not sure I can write the whole story but I have the title and the storyline. A young man becomes a pastor like his father before him. Nobody knew the years of sexual abuse this young pastor went through at the hands of his father. When the young pastor has a son of his own he vows that the cycle of abuse ends. I call it "The Altered Boy" What do you think ?
  15. Has anybody ever tried podcasting ? My friend just started one today. She called it "Building Pyramids ". If you want to , look it up. And thank you for the warm welcome.
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