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  1. The air was so humid she could taste the storm coming. There was an unusual darkness to the afternoon. Bizzy lay with her broad head resting on her crossed blue mottled legs. Her nostrils nuzzled the wire mesh of the framed wooden barrier that held her captive. She sucked in the auras of the unknown. Smells much more amusing out there than in here she concluded. Her childlike brown eyes clouded. Miles of dirt to turn over. Yummy tree bones. Constant treats to devour. Cats to chase. People to sniff. The sun peaked through the wood framed storm door. It illuminated her long, athletic build an
  2. wow! Three months is huge. I am well familiar with addiction and the process of recovery. Looking forward to reading more from you
  3. I am a chosen Earth Angel Of the Most High My wings are scorched by fire It's hard sometimes to fly My motives are of pure love Though not destined to float clouds above I am born to fight fire At times I break the rules I can capture the tough ones That the goody Angel girls would lose I fight fire with stronger fire I am not afraid I walk through these flames boldly With a spirit untamed I reach for those that are burning without His grace, we are all the same The only difference between them and us We've learned to call upon His Name Walk with me a wh
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