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  1. Haha please do. I've found with the adobe suite that once you get the hang of one program, the rest are easier to learn because the logic of the programs is the same and some things overlap.
  2. I think this cover is heading in the right direction. The view of the trees like this gives me a bit of an "Alice in wonderland" shrinking feeling. So in that sense it matches the blurb well. My only gripe, as a fantasy reader, is that it is not "fantasy" enough for me. I would take this concept and then work it more into an artwork (I feel that photo's don't work well for fantasy books in general.) I am more likely to pic up a fantasy cover that has a drawing/illustration/symbol on it than one with a photo.
  3. Hmm, interesting line of thinking this. I never considered that people would see the virus imagery as this negative. Honestly, I am pretty fascinated by it (Blame my childhood love of biology) so when I see the image, I see the incredible way (and yes also scary way) that it is able to attach to other cells to propagate. Viruses actually have super interesting designs and ways of interacting, and as scary as one that we don't understand is, there is still beauty in it's design.
  4. Not sure if anyone has offered yet, but I can give you some Photoshop help over zoom or skype if you have questions. I use it as one of my programs for my Design work (Interior Design as well as Illustration and art)
  5. Hi Joshua, I tried messaging you, but seem unable to do so (maybe because i'm still new to this site). If you can message me personally with some more info on your story and what you are thinking of, we can see if we would be a good fit for a collaboration.
  6. Hi there I definitely prefer these two covers to the first one. You've had quite a lot of feedback on the design and the image, so I'll leave that alone I would say that you should look at your Fonts. The main title in the elaborate font is good, but I would look at combining it with a more plain font for the subtitle. The contrast will help to create interest and draw your eye from one place to another on the cover. Side-note (Sorry decided I had to comment on the image after all): I like the second landscape image more than the trees alone option, however I would want to see more duality and maybe even bringing back some element of the chain/links from the first cover, because I feel that is very striking and could look really incredible if woven into the image. Ok... another side-note (brain working overtime so just ignore me if it becomes too much info). Your comment about the palace and shack made me think of Narnia and the idea of walking through a door from one place/world/dimension to another (but specifically the scene in the last battle with the shack on the hill). Also perhaps the Magicians Nephew with the in-between place with all the ponds leading to many other worlds. Perhaps you could use a similar concept for your cover art?
  7. I started and (actually finished) NanoWrimo a few years back with a story that started like this.... I had the same/similar dream thread that as I started falling asleep I could even choose to step into the dream and continue it each night. Was pretty cool and a bit weird, but also a lot of fun to be able to be in so much 'Control' of a dream.
  8. I was homeschooled!! Was the best thing ever! The couple times I attempted mainstream school I was so bored and frustrated! On the one occasion when I was 12 and had to go to a mainstream school for a term, I was so bored by the slow pace of the classes that I read Silmarillion cover to cover in under 3 weeks (in class). 🤭
  9. OOh music and writing.... I love listening to Hans Zimmer's tracks. He has such powerful and moving music which really lends itself to fantasy stories (my fav). Also things like Epica, Adrian von Ziegler, Apocalyptica, and Blind Guardian's music based on The Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion. I find though that if I am writing a non-action, peacful scene then I need to turn all the sound off... or else it turns into a bar room brawl when it was just supposed to be a quiet chat over a pint...😆
  10. Hi Joshua, I suspect you have probably found an illustrator for your work by now (considering when you posted this request), however if you have anything else in the pipeline then perhaps we could chat. I am an artist and illustrator focusing mainly on fantasy and children's books so my style might suit your stories.
  11. I found your post. 😊 Your races sound super interesting! I'd love to try a few mockup sketches and then we could see where that leads.
  12. and for those who liked my picture thank you! here's another...
  13. Thank you for the welcome everyone. 🤩 excited to explore.
  14. Hi! I am an avid reader of all things science-fiction and fantasy (ADORE Tolkien and C.S. Lewis's writing) with a passion for illustration and design. Although I write some poetry and short stories, my strength lies in illustrating books for other authors. You can check out some of my work on https://www.behance.net/danielleduring. My portfolio is constantly growing and expanding so be sure to follow me for updates :) I am excited to connect with other Christian creatives to read and share all things wonderful and inspiring!
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