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  1. Message me and I will send the questions and we can revise the questions as necessary.
  2. They seem to run an average of 750 words. I have a set of questions that I'll email over when anyone emails me that they want to do the interview.
  3. Alright y'all. Just email me at reginawalkerauthor@gmail.com and I'll get you set up with an interview questions. Thank you!! @lynnmosher - I am working on balancing offering value and my asks for help. I've requested a lot of interviews and have things set up for a couple weeks, so I thought I'd spend a week scheduling interviews with other authors to help add value and make sure I'm helping my fellow authors. Thank you for the suggestion!
  4. Bookbub seems to be efficient if you recommend a few books and start getting a following and get people who have a following to read/review/recommend your book. I've gotten sales from people with followers recommending my book on Bookbub. I have not paid for any advertising on Bookbub as of now.
  5. Raffles are amazing. I am doing a blog tour with my debut novel and they set up Rafflecopter - it has really generated a lot of traffic for me!
  6. I write to obey the call the Lord placed on my life and to go all the places I imagine in my head, have all the jobs, and to have the chance to explore hard topics in fiction - where I and my readers can more easily learn and grow because we don't feel so called out.
  7. Hey! I write contemporary Christian fiction and I have a blog. I'm looking to feature 2 posts per week that are at least one author interview and either a guest post or another author interview. My blog is all about Christian living, life through a lens of faith, and Christian fiction. If you are interested, let me know!
  8. My husband would take that opportunity and I would die of embarrassment. LOL
  9. So funny. I love camping and tend to be the early riser. Let's get coffee and breakfast down the hatch and hike before it gets too hot. I do like a good fan when I'm camping. But we tent camp several times a year!
  10. I use Scrivener and love it. It functions a lot the way I was thinking and before it, I was using folders and individual documents to create a similar functionality. Scrivener is much easier for me to organize.
  11. I've been thinking of offering the free short story as a newsletter offer - sign up for my newsletter and receive this free. I haven't done it, so I can't speak to the success of it. Sounds like a good idea, though.
  12. @suspensewriter - will you post the link here or message it to me so I can share it on my social media? Do you mind if I post an excerpt + link on my own blog, as well?
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