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  1. @suspensewriter - will you post the link here or message it to me so I can share it on my social media? Do you mind if I post an excerpt + link on my own blog, as well?
  2. Where would you like me to send it? Goodreads is perfect! I appreciate the offer.
  3. Welcome! This has been an extraordinary place to connect. I'm new here and everyone has made me feel so welcome. I hope you can connect and feel the love, too!
  4. Warning: This book deals with loss by suicide and the grief a family endures. Life has been comfortable for the Miller family. Liz and Josh have devoted their lives to raising their two sons. Their oldest son, Colby, reached adulthood and set out on his own. A few hard knocks sent him back to live with Mom and Dad until life got to be too much, that is. As Liz and Josh grapple with the hole in their hearts left by Colby’s early departure from this world, they find themselves at odds with one another and with their faith. Will they remember that Jesus is enough in the middle of this dark storm? Will they see through their own pain and help each other and their teenage son, Tyler, learn to live despite the grief? Regina can be found online at http://reginawalkerauthor.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ginawalkerauthor Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/reginawalkerauthor (Yes, I got back on social media. Just to build a little platform and give readers easy access to me.)
  5. I would really appreciate being on your blog. What do you need from me? Thank you so much!!
  6. Hello fellow writers! I am using BookSprouts to manage my ARCs and try to release with a few reviews under my belt. If you are looking for something to read, I'd love for you to consider my book, We Go On. https://booksprout.co/arc/37922/we-go-on If you use BookSprouts (or something similar - tell me what) I'd love to hear your thoughts and how well you thought it worked. Thank you! Regina Walker
  7. Everyone has been amazing and so welcoming. I am thankful. My book is a contemporary Christian fiction about a family that loses their oldest son to suicide and how they deal with the grief.
  8. Word sprints with a friend are my favorite way to dig in and really get my fingers moving! ❤️
  9. I use the NaNo site and during Camp NaNo, I created a Discord server. Having a small group of people to check in with, give word count/progress updates to, and participate in word sprints has been super helpful.
  10. Interesting. I was wondering if they were helpful to building back links and increasing website/blog traffic - more of an indirect marketing tool.
  11. I don't start from a list of character questions, by any means. But I was finding recently that two characters were sounding a lot alike. I couldn't combine them since they were husband and wife. So I did answer some questions for the husband, to help figure out how to draw him out and write him different than his wife. It was very helpful in that way. But I probably won't ever start from there. I do make some of my own notes about possible love languages, introvert/extrovert, and keep those nearby to make sure my characters are responding "in character."
  12. Welcome, Natalie! Fellow homeschooler here, too. Welcome to CW!
  13. Do you do them? How do you find them? I dove off the deep end and joined FB and IG after 2.5 months away. I found a fun Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt (but it's over). I would love to find things like this to participate in. Do you think it would be worth scheduling a release around a close series of similar events?
  14. Just grabbed my copy! I look forward to reading it this week.
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