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  1. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this video, but I found this is what causes a lot of writers to quit before they get started. I hope y’all get a lot out of the video.
  2. Okay, I have what I think is the perfect job for writing. I work in healthcare as a trash tech, and I work 2nd shift. I leave home at two-thirty in the afternoon to go into work. In the mornings, I have my alarm set for seven-thirty, only thing is, I hit the snooze button several times before it reads nine-thirty a.m. I’m thinking to myself that I really have no more excuses not to write. I’m like, if I can get up at eight O’clock, I could begin writing at nine O-clock, and set it up to write up to a thousand words everyday. I’m curious to know what is your writing schedule like? How do you overcome resistance?
  3. I will, only be aware that I’m new to the whole writing process, I’ve never given a full critique and I do not know what I’m doing. 🤣
  4. Yes to test it before I go to the forum. It was quicker
  5. Okay I tried signing out and back in, giving me the same message. I may have to keep interacting with the group for it to kick in.
  6. It gave me that message when I clicked on the rules
  7. Okay, I have an amazing Peter Pan scene I wanna share 🤣 I’ll try it
  8. I’m a new member, I know of the rules of posting in Critique forum, by commenting and posting 10 or more content count. I keep getting this message when I reached the amount required.
  9. I listen to Epic instrumental music, it helps me focus on what I’m writing. I’ve written over 1000 words just by listening to music.
  10. I don’t mean to sound like I’m judging but aren’t Gregorian Chants Demonic?
  11. I’m curious, what do y’all use for music to help focus on your writing? I listen to Ambience instrumental music, I usually listen to whichever mood the scene is in.
  12. It’s affected my life, I can’t study for nothing. I never graduated with a regular diploma, they gave me a special education diploma. I never felt like I was an outcast all through out my high school days. It’s been hard for me to cope with it, and keep my head on straight. My biggest enemy is procrastination, and fear of rejection.
  13. How did you overcome the mental blocks?
  14. It’s just a scary thought about plotting, it makes writing seem even more difficult. I have a learning disability, ADD.
  15. I’m like you, when I write, i pants through it, I don’t want to think about plotting, thinking too much actually takes my time from the actual story, which delays me from finishing. That about sums it up!
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