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  1. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for A Game for Good Christians’ Anthology of Honest Spiritual Literature [working title] We’re looking for works that look into the face of the Divine, knowing they could be turned to stone, or burned up in glory. In the poetry of Psalm 18, the writer finds the divine to be a source of strength and comfort, employing the image of a deer placed on heights outside of harm’s reach. In the poetry of Psalm 42, that deer is now panting for the missing streams of life, diverted by an absent or forgetful God. Now compare Psalm 23 to Psalm 88. Exodus to Lamentations. Ruth to Job. That’s what we’re looking for. Works that look refuse “to minimize the importance and dignity of life.” Works that “reinforce our sense of the supernatural by grounding it in concrete observable reality.” Poetry: 1-5 poems, totaling up to 7 pages of material. Micro/Flash Fiction (less than 1000 words): up to 7 pages of material. Fiction: one (1) story per submission, up to 5,000 words. Creative Non-Fiction: one (1) piece per submission, up to 5,000 words. Dramatic literature: up to 7 pages of material. Previously published submissions: No. / Simultaneous submissions: YES! / Multiple submissions: Yes. Submission Fee: $4 / Payment: Contributor’s copy. For more information: https://www.agameforgoodchristians.com/anthology
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