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  1. We have to be careful with our actions verses are words reason I say that because your actions speaks volumes. now I am not saying not use your voice to promote peace, I am saying stop and fight with shield of faith protest peacefully. freedom of speech we have the right to lift every voice. But what we have realize that God can still turn this all around. He is master of all good and bad nothing happens unless says so. the system was created for us to fail for us be so easily distracted make up excuses . Now we have no excuses we either bow down right now cause his word said every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess. people are now being forced to choose. people are repenting coming to knowledge of who God is. wanting to know him and serve him that is a part of the plan bring people back to heart of worship. their is still hope have faith in God rise up be the solution not problem. come together seek justice love and peace as one. enough is enough its time for a change.
  2. I have couple physical issues that I deal with and it can be come overwhelming sometimes but I know that it will not always be like this. I can remember having a conversation with my savior and I said to him I am not sure what is going on in my body but I know you will take care of me. I can remember going in and out of hospitals and having lots of medication having many mixture of things going on in my body but they could not pin point the causes. Some days were harder than others being so exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep. Going outside and doing daily chores were beginning be to much for me. So I cried and cried out to him constantly that this is touch much I can't I don't have energy please help me. Jesus I am tired I know have to continue pushing and trusting God in spite of my pain. So what I did was call out to him and say if its your will me endure this I will but give me strength to get through it. I just want you get glory out of my life so I will go through no matter how much it hurts Jesus I know that you help me and carry when I need to be carried. By his stripes I am healed and whole because your word says that I am I know your word be true... So I walk everyday in my healing know matter how my body feels because I am healed.
  3. I believe now more then every that Jesus came into the world because he wanted to make us free and that where he is we can also be with him. Jesus had so much love and devotion to doing what his father asked of him, thats not say that it was not love that drove him to cross for us. He had a set purpose on this earth and he did what he was sent here to do. Jesus became my savior my friend my everything not because of his miracles but because of his love for me. Every time that I am unable to sleep cause of physical pain he comes and he meets with me and comforts me and talks to me encourages me. Jesus came that I can be free and come into relationship with him that I can be where he is. free from bondage and lies Satan has put on us, free from sickness and diseases free from all darkness. No shackles No more bondage I am Free to live for you. I will live even though I die because of you Jesus. I will not be judged because I believe in you Jesus Christ. I am in relationship with you God through son Jesus Christ as your word say I love Jesus that means I love you God . Thank you for your sacrifice your love and your teachings. Thank You God for you Son Amen!
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