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  1. That's a great attitude to have, @EBraten. The ways of doing things are always changing. At some point, someone will think of a way to make ebook content harder to steal, and then, something new will come out and people will jump on ways to steal that. We can't be ruled by fear of what could happen, but we should also be aware of the risks and put safeguards in place.
  2. Wow, these pirating issues sound like real nightmare! Thank you so much @Accord64 and @suspensewriterfor drawing attention to these problems. That's so awful that there are people out there who do this. You'd think that copyright laws would protect authors, but if lawyers advise against lawsuits, and no real consequences happen, no wonder these pirates run rampant. Sheesh.
  3. That is true @PenName. It would complicate a story's opportunities in traditional publishing. But honestly, I'm willing to sacrifice one of my story ideas and sets of characters, if it will help me build a following. I'm thinking I'll probably stay on the indie route anyway. My blog is https://www.gwendolyngage.wordpress.com/. I started posting small excerpts of a writing exercise I did last last year, playing around with the thought of what my villain would do in an encounter with Jesus. It's not received a lot of attention, but my fault for not being loud on social media, lol. I'
  4. Thanks for the heads up, @Nicola. It must be bad if you left. Yikes. They should have content filters. I do know there are Christian groups there.
  5. Wattpad is very tempting for the following, @Thomas Davidsmeier. I posted a few chapters from my published story there, and did get some bites. @suspensewriter, wow, that's surprising that Wattpad won't deal with plagiarists! I'll have to look that up and do some research. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Thank you for your honest response and advice, @suspensewriter! I greatly value your opinion, and I'm so sorry that you went through that! That's terrible. So yes...I'll prayerfully consider this risk with the content I post. I did write book reviews for a while, and I did enjoy that. But time, its a rare gem these days...
  7. This is my struggle too, @Shamrock. My blog is suffering from lack of attention, and I'm limited on time. I was thinking I could kill two birds with one stone if I blogged short stories or something.
  8. https://tenor.com/view/speedy-gonzales-gif-7531016 Trying to post a gif, and I'm hopeless...
  9. Short stories is what I was thinking too...something I won't cry about, if posting limits what I can do with it later on, but something I can have fun with. Yes, I was also thinking this might attracts readers who like my voice as a writer. I'll tell you...I blogged an entire story draft back in 2011, and gained some followers who told me that pulling up my story blog with a bowl of cereal was something they really looked forward to every Saturday. But...blogging was a different animal back then. It's gotten a lot more complicated in nine years. And if anyone can do it successfully, I know y
  10. Hi Friends! Curious to hear your opinions and arguments for or against blogging stories. Once you post it online, it is technically copyrighted, correct? I'm at a place where I don't have much downtime for writing, and I'd like to start blogging regularly, too. I don't see a future in traditional publishing, and I'm thinking blogging could help me build some sort of following. I'm just at a point in my life where I'm not certain I have anything to offer the world as far as writing or editing tips, I don't want to blog about my life, and I'm not a fast enough reader to blog book reviews. I need
  11. I think the best villains are the ones that show readers their human side along with their depravity. How they relate to us and our own struggles. I can appreciate an antagonist who isn’t dangerous, but when they are capable and motivated to destroy something important to the MC and the writer makes us feel that, then they become a great villain. Mr. Macy of Jessica Dotta’s “Price of Priviledge” series. He planned to convince the world and the main character of his love for her in order to secure his wealth and property through marriage and take revenge on another character. Wha
  12. Leaves her bigamist husband pregnant. Stoops to working for her ex-fiancé, the town tailor. Fights the sabotage of the other wife.
  13. I have a goodreads author account under my G. L. Curry pen name. I haven’t found it a great way to connect with readers, but I don’t have many reviews, and I’m terrible at marketing. I put a few chapters of my published book on Wattpad for free reading, and surprisingly, I’ve gotten more interest in my story that way.
  14. I axed a female character and supporting character romance from my first story. There was just too much going on, and I needed to trim the word count. The character who lost his girlfriend will be united with her in book 2. I axed a another female character from the manuscript I just completed a few months ago. I had given my heroine two sisters as her historical inspiration had, and decided that could combine the role of the two sisters into one. I deal with cutting the scenes I like by putting them in a “Cut Scenes” file. Those files are huge. I even have a giant
  15. Thanks to Rebecca from me too! And thank you @lynnmosher for your help.
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