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  1. Hello, E.T. I'm mostly looking for plot, character, and world feedback.
  2. Hello, everyone! I was hoping to find beta readers for my novel - Giovanna and the Mysterious Absium. It's a middle grade high fantasy with some elements of hard fantasy. It's aimed at 9 to 12 year olds and leans a bit more towards a female audience (so I'd especially appreciate feedback from female readers). It's mostly action and comedy, with a bit of mystery thrown in. What's the book about: Eleven-year-old Giovanna always wanted to be a Warrior – no, more than that – she wants to be the greatest swordswoman on the planet! She’d spend hours daydreaming about protecting ot
  3. One of those plastic toy jewels could work. Or maybe an oddly shaped marble.
  4. I tried to send you a message with my email but it won't let me send anything. I think I'm too new to send messages...
  5. Why not do something similar to the picture posted by Lynn. Like a big tree in the middle, with two people standing on either side, each belonging to one of the ''worlds''. It'd be clear that they both exist within the same world, but come from completely different places within that world.
  6. Just wanted to say again thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  7. I could beta read for that! I just wanted to know a little about it, to know if it's something I could beta read and provide useful feedback. For example: I'd be terrible for beta reading anything horror-related because I'm not a fan of the genre.
  8. Hey, Micaiah! I'm interested, but could you tell me a little bit about the book? Just to know if I could provide helpful feedback.
  9. Hey, Thomas! I'm definitely interested!
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
  11. So I'm new - like, I've never been part of anything like this. I was hoping I could find fellow christian writers and a critique partner here. But thing is I'm not really a christian writer. I mean, I AM christian, but the novel I've been working on (I'm not a published Author) is a Middle Grade High Fantasy that takes place in a completely different world and time. And I was just wondering if that would be okay? God bless you all!
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