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  1. I’ve got 3 books out. They are 2 fantasy and 1 LitRPG title. They are all Christian in both actual content and category. The LitRPG did well for me on Kindle Select but the Fantasy series hasn’t seen much interest. I’ve had Kindle Unlimited before and absolutely loved it. As a reader you get to try sooo many titles and just let it go if I want to with no sense of financial lose (I didn’t feel like I had wasted money on a book I hadn’t finished. I used it when I was reading as much LitRPG as possible to see if I wanted to write in the genre. That was a great use from an author’s perspective.
  2. Hi @Unchained Spirit I’d be happy to take a look and possibly beta read / story edit. I try to be honest and kind, but I’m honest first. Also, I ain’t no good at no line editing fur grahmer and such and so farth. Send me a link or copy at my firstname.lastname@gmail.com. Be careful to spell it right. That last name made kindergarten awful difficult for me.
  3. Good name, Tom. Hating God and Ignoring God are the easy ones. Of course Loving God is taking longer, it is way harder to do.
  4. Editors can make a world of difference, but the good ones will charge you because it is very labor intensive.
  5. I’ve heard from other writers (more successful than me) that people who sign up for lists for free giveaways often convert at a far lower level than those who sign up from the back matter of a book they just finished reading. But, to be honest, I’d love to have some sign ups one way or another! So, you’ll probably get some people on your list, but they’ll be a lot less likely to actually buy stuff from you.
  6. I second everyone else’s desire to read @suspensewriter’s story of his own experiences.
  7. @Wes B, can’t you just imagine a horrifying scenario from many years before Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter was an Iago type villain for someone?
  8. Extraordinary isn't the best word for it, but I think I understand what he means. Your characters have to stick out of the crowd. Honestly, they can have very ordinary, everyday, everybody's got them flaws and needs and weaknesses. But, if we reveal those flaws and needs and weaknesses properly, our readers should come to know our characters in an extraordinary way. I'm not talking about a character being worried that they'll lose their job. That is a very common and mundane worry, but it isn't a deep need or weakness. But, you can amp that idea up into a very believable, but much more intimate, personal weakness. So instead, being scared that your Dad will disapprove of you because you lost your job and he's always talked about how important it is for a man to support his family and not need other people's help becomes an interesting situation. Another example, "I want to be popular." vs "I want to have so many people like me and want to be my friends that I feel like I'll never be left on my own and have to fend for myself or make decisions alone." Getting specific and intimate makes common attributes extraordinary. We rarely get to know another person as deeply and intimately as is possible in a work of fiction. I think that is why some people love characters more than other people. Don't get me wrong. That isn't the way it should be. We should take the risks and invest the time and energy to get to know others, but that's hard and scary. We're too often and too easily lazy and cowardly.
  9. Melons are pretty heavy. I gotta think that shot is going to be way harder than you initially think. Plus, you're going to have to swish it, cause the melon momentum is going to preclude any bank shots. If you hit the backboard, that whole whoop is going down. Of course, a miss low and to the left is going to be hilarious... as long as you don't work at that store.
  10. CS Lewis also does a take down of “Romanic” love (Look away, romance fans!) as a Medieval invention of a French courtier that has warped Western society’s views. Before this shift, people looked on young, Romeo & Juliet type love as fleeting and to a certain extent, foolish. Look more closely at Shakespeare’s masterwork, and you might be surprised to find him not exactly endorsing the behavior of his main characters. This isn’t even touching on the numerous Bible passages that define love by actions and not feelz. “If you love Me...” “Love is patient, Love is kind...” “God is love.” In a certain regard, the Beatles were right when they said all we need is love. Though to be honest, the were practical Satanists if not literal ones. Don’t look up Alister Crowley.
  11. It is supposed to look like a skull in there with two green eyes. The plot is based in a Corona quarantine and involves a lot of action taking place at a sushi restaurant, and an epic last sushi roll.
  12. English actually has a large number of subtly different words for bodies of water and flowing water because England is extremely wet and has a lot of different types of aquatic environments. Try looking up synonyms of "brook" sometime just to get some fun ones. And, those are all just things smaller than a river.
  13. Genesis states our God given functional purpose (what He intended us to do). (I might be paraphrasing a word or two) "Go forth, be fruitful and multiply. Rule over the earth and subdue it." An aspect that is often overlooked when trying to understand this command is where it was given. Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, the dwelling place of God on earth. There, God walked with them in the cool of the mornings. They had direct fellowship and communion with HIm. But, the Garden of Eden has very clearly delineated boundaries in Scripture. God had self-limited His dwelling place on the earth. But, He commanded Man to go out and bring the whole earth into submission, that is to make it like Eden already was. Look in the Lord's Prayer. "Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Heaven is God's dwelling place for now, but we are supposed to be praying for the earth to become God's dwelling place again, but not limited this time. This next time, it is going to be the whole earth that becomes God's dwelling place. Check out the last couple chapters of Revelation to see how awesome that looks. And, we get to participate in this whole process all along! Our work is to reclaim lost territory from the Kingdom of Darkness for the Kingdom of Light by following our Lord and Savior's example, commandments, and directions. I'm not saying we are doing this by ourselves or anything, but we are doing things in our Father's name. It comes back to the idea of being heirs of God and children of God. I'm gonna do a bunch of research and write my next sermon on these ideas.
  14. I’m looking for beta readers for a clean Christian thriller with a strong sushi related sub theme. This novel is currently just barely past alpha stage, but I love any and all feedback! Reply to this thread and I will send you a link to a comment-able Google Drive copy! There are two possible covers attached.
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