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  1. Maddie


    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!😊 I'll see you around the posts!
  2. This makes me happy. God is so good.💙
  3. Wes, I like the way you think. I can't imagine wanting to read a book if I could tell the author didn't put any heart into the characters.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Most of my books are one and done, but there are a few times I ended up continuing on the story for myself--despite the fact the sequel was basically pointless and really just for fun.😜 And even though I hate editing, I find myself doing it just so I can relive my time with my characters. Sometimes I wonder if others would consider writers certifiable if they really knew how attached we got to our characters. 😆
  5. Anyone else go through what I’m going to call the “post-novel mourning period”? Basically, you finish with a novel and you are excited because, I mean, you did it! But at the same time, you feel like you are now mourning over a loss? Like you are having to say goodbye to the characters you just spend months, possibly years, building and getting to know? Obviously, I am aware the characters are fictional, but once created, they become a part of you. Anyone else go through something similar? I’m currently in this stage, and hoping there are others who “grieve” too! Anyway, let me know your thoughts and maybe some things you do to celebrate finishing despite the bittersweet feeling.
  6. Ha! Love this! As writers, we are our own worst critics. But looking back at my old work helps me to see not only how I've grown as a writer but as a person as well. Just think, by the time we are joined with Jesus, all our writing will be perfect--no need to rewrite or edit! Where comma placement will no longer be the bane of my existence...
  7. Maddie


    Hi everyone! My name is Maddie, and I'm new to this community. I have been writing for over half my life--mostly for the fun of it as I have never been published. Though I do appreciate the few beta readers in my life. I love writing fiction, chocolate, and dreaming of New York City. I hope to find a community of like-minded writers and a place to grow this wonderful gift God has given!
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