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  1. Oh I didn't know. Thank you! I literally just found out that there's a private message system on here because another user just sent me something.
  2. Thank you so much for offering! I just received the feedback from this round of betas. Turns out my memoir needs quite a bit of trimming. If you're interested and think you'll have time in about 1.5 months - 2 months I'd like to send it out again to a new round of betas. I would love to have you if you think you'll have time then. If you won't mind me reaching out to you after the changes are made, please email me a quick note just so that I can save your contact information. If you'll be busier then, I'll totally understand. Thanks for your interest either way!
  3. As I'm on my own search for beta readers, I've found a few resources that others may find helpful. Of course, I can't speak to experience with them yet but they may help someone. Goodreads has a boards where you can request free or paid beta readers https://www.tckpublishing.com/ offers a free service in which you can apply to be connected with beta readers (seems legit per my google search, however, as a publishing company -there's some question to their effectiveness with PUBLISHING, so try at your own risk) Facebook Groups I found others but I haven't ta
  4. oh yay! I just did a read thru and want to make a few minor changes before I send it out. Homeschooling my son with my toddler has been an adventure so I haven't addressed them yet but will prioritize doing so before Sept 1. As far as other betas I only have one other so far but I'm waiting on a few other responses. This is my first book and so I'm learning to edit as well. But I so appreciate your response! Would it be possible for you to email me at jasmine.harmoni31@gmail.com so that I can have your email to keep up with you. Thanks again. I will email an update when it's going to be on it'
  5. Hello all. My memoir is ALMOST at the point where I'll be looking for some feedback. I'm hoping to send it out to betas within the next week and by the end of this month at the latest. I thought I'd check here first to see if there's anyone that would be interested in reading it. A few notes, my target audience is women (not sure men would find it interesting). Also, by the end I've learned some Christian lessons but I do share about my secular experiences prior to that moment. So fair warning, it's not explicit but I did just want to warn you about that. I'll paste my preface belo
  6. Lol when PenName said "close" I perceived it to mean deep POV. Since I'm hearing and reading so much about deep POV being best for third person, I like the word "close" to cover my own meaning. Pretty much I want my first person WIP to feel pretty much like you're reading the MC's thoughts. So as deep as my skill set and first person narrative will take me I'm fully aware that deep/close style isn't a real name lol.
  7. My current WIP is in first person but I'm trying to do the deep/close style with it as well. So I do find it works well but in moderation for sure.
  8. Ahh that makes sense with what you said about the classics vs modern. I read some articles that discussed beginning sentences with "But" or "And" as well as having incomplete sentences. I get that technically it's a no-no but also depending on the work, audience etc it's acceptable as a style choice. To some extent of course. Thanks for commenting!
  9. Thank you. Somehow when I read your response it just seemed like a dumb question lol. Not that you implied that. I agree. I just ended up with a decent amount of one line paragraphs breaking it up like that. That's the only reason I even doubted if I should switch it up a bit. I don't remember paying attention to that in books I've read. I also don't remember seeing as many short paragraphs. But thanks
  10. I just looked on goodreads website and it says something about not being able to require that readers leave a review. Online book club I found as a reader so I don't know all of the details. Actually sorry I just looked them up to and they do charge to submit your book. The cheapest package is $97. It makes sense because they do pay their readers a small amount for some reviews. Sorry about that. Not too much help since you mentioned you wanted free. My other suggestion, not sure if applicable, but if you already have some sort of a following (social media, blog reade
  11. I don't have any actual experience with either as an author I'm still working on my first book. But you may be interested in doing an author profile on https://www.goodreads.com/author/program. I'd done some marketing research and decided I wanted to give them a go. But as I'm still editing, I haven't super looked into it. I have, as a reader, received ebooks to review on Online Book Club https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/authors/. I haven't dug too deep into their author program but I know that they give their readers guidelines and they have a team that checks the reviews to ma
  12. Thank you. I wondered if my question was clear. What I meant was what's best practice on paragraph breaks and dialogue. BESIDES the obvious need for a new paragraph such as change in topic or change in speaker. 1. lets say I have a paragraph about setting and then a character is going to say something. If the paragraph isn't too long already and has only described setting so far can I introduce a beat and the subsequent dialogue in the same paragraph. Should that always be a new paragraph? Or is it a case-by case or preference thing? Setting details. Details, De
  13. Here I'm just pretty much asking for your best dialogue tips First-time author here working on my first book. Still very much in the editing phase. I'm not quite ready for proofreading grammatical stuff quite yet but I wanted to begin thinking about ways to better my dialogue. I have a pretty good handle at coming up with what my characters actually say and making it sound realistic. Actually my book is a memoir so for this WIP, that's actually the easiest part lol. But I'm hoping to get advice about how you all punctuate dialogue. I know that a google search can give all of the reminders abo
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