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  1. Don't mind at all. But I have to give my two cents as well. Just keep writing. Keep trying never give up. Maybe don't be so hard on yourself. If you really can't get over the books you're working on then maybe you're not supposed to. Stop ignoring the nudge and get writing. This is coming from the woman who had a dream about a book years ago and just recently finished the draft but still is slowly progressing in the editing. I could go on and on but I'll stop here because I think you may have some writing to do
  2. I love this idea and I think i have to go with growth for the theme of my WIP.
  3. Sooo I didn't take the time to download the final version and get it on my phone. But since this I've centered the subtitle as well as purchased and cropped the actual versions of the two stock photos shown but haven't changed much else. i think i also made my name a little bigger. I may have actually changed the subtitle also lol .. took a break from the cover to focus on editing
  4. I self designed the cover for my wip but i had a really clear vision of how I wanted it and was pretty simple and I like how it came out. That wip is almost ready for betas so I started my second project and I have no idea what I'll do for cover design on that one. Might have to look into hiring someone if I cant bust out a good yet SIMPLE one. Now im not sure about how the cover fits in the genre. Not even sure how to define its genre to be honest. It's a memoir about a romance that changed my life in a way you wouldn't expect and I focus on the relationship brought me closer to God. So I don't know but I felt led to write it. Literally woke up in thr middle of the night and "heard" the title and just kind of a super clear vision of how the cover should look and went with it. I don't believe in luck but God bless on your writing
  5. On the hobby vs profession piece I agree that only God can answer that. BUT on the stuck piece I just took a webinar (Chandler Bolt's free self-publishing webinar) that discussed mind mapping. I already have my rough draft but if you haven't tried it before it may help get your creative juices flowing again for your book. If English class was as long ago for you as it was for me then a refresher on a mind map may be helpful lol. Place your main idea for your book in the center of a piece of paper and then just pen to paper with everything you can think of related to that idea. If it works for you he suggests doing the same thing for the central idea of each chapter and then producing an outline from that. God bless
  6. Why thank you. For what it's worth, I plan to self publish my first book through KDP. They have some very helpful webinars on how to complete the process. But im still in the editing phase
  7. im just gonna hang out here and "eavesdrop" on the replies
  8. Nothing wrong with printing it out! Im just slightly obsessed with Pinterest
  9. I usually tend to write female characters. It's just easier to get inside their head and portray them accurately but soon I do want to challenge myself to do a male mc
  10. Call me naive but I never even knew this whole review scam was ever a thing. Sad
  11. Great find! Thanks for sharing. I pinned it.
  12. I do most of my work on my phone. But I'm too lazy to sign out of my personal Pinterest account on my phone as I use it often so I will manage Pinterest and my website from my laptop
  13. I'm on Instagram and have been trying to build there. Seems promising. I just bought the domain for my website but have yet to build it. Just created a Pinterest matching my pen name but I haven't done anything to it. I do love my personal Pinterest so I'm hoping some knowledge will transfer. And I also have a Twitter which is growing SLOWLY but surely.
  14. JasmineH


    Welcome. Although I'm new here myself. I've heard the only way to improve your writing is to write even more. Also if you look hard enough there's lots of good info out there about how to better your writing. I've even taken a few free courses. We are all on this journey together. There can never be too many people talking (ahem writing) about Jesus.
  15. JasmineH


    Hello, everyone. What's unique about me? Well now you know one of the questions that has stumped me my whole life. I'm an aspiring writer (who would've guessed). So far I haven't had anything published (besides my first attempt at blogging years ago) but I am currently in the process of editing my first book. I found this site on my search for beta readers but I hope to find much more here. I have only one other book lover in my close circle and no other writers. Those who have read my work believe it's just a natural talent. Of course it is a God-given gift that I'm grateful for but that doesn't mean good writing doesn't require loads of effort and dedication. You all know that. Unfortunately, my loved ones do not. I said all that to say that I'm excited to be here and I hope that we can all sharpen each other's iron 😊
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