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  1. Maggi O

    Hi all

    My name is Maggi, and I just joined. Excited to join the community and looking forward to reading land interacting with you all.. blessings.. Maggi 💐
  2. I went to my Fathers house today, but It wasn’t in a church. It wasn’t anywhere quiet, or peaceful in that way. Rather it was noisy, people jostling getting in the way. Lost in thought, word and deed in the hurly burly rain. Yes.. I went to my Fathers house today, I met him on the train. We talked a little, not too much, as I sipped my coffee and thought of the day, and how I was going to make it through another long and chaotic day. I went to my Fathers house today, as I stared at the screen, and the words went grey and then I thought I heard him say. Stop.. be still, be silent, be present, because each day with you is always the same, I can barley get two words in. Your worried about this, your worried about that, your worried about being worried, where is the sense in that? so child I am asking you this once, to sit with me Quietly for a minute in your day. I know you can do it, if you let me lead the way. So I went to my Fathers house today, it was noisy, it was loud, there was no peace to be found. But as I looked out the window, hanging limply on a tree , I spied a small blossom, almost unnoticeable it was hard to see. I uttered a small prayer to the Father, I was present at last, awake from my slumber for a minute and a half. Maggi O 😂😂😂 lol... I hope you enjoyed this and will join me in the daily struggle to be ever present to the Fathers voice in a world which constantly demands our attention.
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