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  1. Hi, My name is Chloe. I'm 21 and was wondering if there were any other writers around my age here who likes to role play write stories? The stories don't always have to be based on biblical stories, but I'm looking for other Christians who share the same values personally to write with. It is often hard for me to find others similar to myself in this regard but I guess from here I will just leave this in the open. (Writing a story about God, angels, etc I am totally fine with too)! How long have I been writing? Probably 5 years... give or take time for hiatus where I wasn't writing all that much. Despite any rules I might have, I am generally very open to role-play plots but there must be creativity and effort in the responses. The more effort each person puts into their writing, the more entertaining it can be. Of course, sometimes things aren't necessarily going to be lengthy in response so at this point I don't really have a rule on post length... but generally strive for 3-5 sentences at least! Writing Partner Age Range? Generally around my age would be great. 19-27 years of age works fine. To know more about my general guidelines please message me. I will say up front that I do not write romance with another user and generally, everything is kept SFW in the sexual department. As far as violence goes, this is acceptable within reason. As far as "magic" goes I do not feel comfortable writing witchcraft or spells, but natural-born abilities (like Elsa has for example, lol) are acceptable. What genres? Any, really. I've mostly written a majority of Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Time period? Any. I've done writing for generally every time-period setting including post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic. Just throwing this out there cause it has been very difficult to find other Christian writers?
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