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  1. Went to the local VA clinic for the first time in years. A few days later started to get really sick. Been sick for seven days, nose congestion and burning. Accompanied with deep chest congestion and burning, non stop coughing. I have stayed home bound.
  2. QS yes, the enemy attacks all of us, concerning worth, purpose and especially Gods love for us. It is moments such as this one, when He sends someone to you to express His care that are very re-assuring and re-enforcing. It spoke of His acceptance and my responsibility to continue in His grace.
  3. thank you SW and Jon
  4. In every instance a change of mind is centered on the change of a human will. Jon 3:10 And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not. He had already said He was going to do it, The destruction of Ninavah was not an idle threat it was an intent, He sent Jonah and the response to the message by the will of men caused the Father to change His mind. This is only one scripture of many. There are a multitude of such scripture that have this principle. Not just Jonah. The only explanation that could be given is these men, Moses included, didn't have the spiritual insight to clearly express God's true nature but I don't believe that to be true, remember Jonah was angry and said I know your nature and You would not destroy them. Jonah didn't want them to hear the message because the intent of their destruction was real and he wanted them destroyed. By your definition omniscience cannot exist by God changing His mind. Clearly, He has changed His mind. Omniscience has more to do with sending Jonah so He could change His mind. This does not steal from His other attributes but confirms them. Love being the greatest of them as He tried to teach Jonah. God works within the time and space He created us to live in.
  5. You can have this knowledge which is absolutely true but still understand the simplicity of the Gospel message as a framework for writing. It is the spirit behind the simplest message that is the most powerful. Yet again Jesus was very clear about depth. You must first walk in what is given before more will be added and if you do not walk in what is given even that will be taken away. If you cannot understand if I tell you about earthly things how can you understand the heavenly. Paul said it this way, add spiritual truth to spiritual truth to develop a spiritual language. When Jesus said "be healed" (spiritual language), just two works and they were healed the spiritual knowledge and understanding behind those two words was astounding.
  6. This is an interesting thread. My addition to it would be the consideration of language itself. We write words but language dictates in large part what can be written. I took Hebrew in college and loved the language, no vowels, written from back to front, read from bottom to top. It caused me to think in a different pattern. It is truly a thinking language. Without vowels the mind had to place them. When I write concerning scripture one of my deepest needs is to go back to original language to find intent and I find a richness of understanding concerning principles of truth. It is amazing what is found in the Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic. (Please don't confuse Aramaic with Arabic, Aramaic is still spoken in a few towns in Iraq and other eastern countries solely by their Christian population). The language we speak today is a dumbed down language. Paul speaks of a language spoken to him that could not be repeated, The depth of that encounter caused him to write about it. It couldn't be repeated because it was a heavenly language. Paul did not have the capacity to repeat it, but when it was spoken to him, revelation of meaning accompanied the words. Writing is about communication and as Christians we want Gods presence to accompany our words. We want to tell a story which leads to a revelation in the hearts of the readers, of comfort, or strength or confirmation we want to strengthen our readers and hopefully carry them to new personal heights.
  7. Father I ask for a special gift of faith for my sister, impart to her Your faith on her behalf, move with compassion toward her, do what no doctor nor she can do for herself. Lord I speak to her body as Your hand extended...Body cure yourself, use all that was given to you at creation, renew and strengthen to bring restoration of tissue. I speak to that which is attacking her body and you must stop. Lord touch her with Your hand, place Your presence upon her with unquestionable power, May Your presence upon her be a witness of healing already received, in Jesus name.
  8. I just found this, thought it was deleted from meet and greet, Thank you Chuck for making my writing a quote. Your right, every great move of God on earth has had anointed music spring from it. Martin Luther songs are still sung in many older denominational churches as are the Wesley's. It is true, so many in this world never find their created purpose only because they don't know or don't understand the Father's great love for them. But when they do it is a refreshing fragrance around the throne. Your welcome Jared, you have been an encouragement to me. Your welcome Lynn.
  9. Nice to meet you Sarah, Hello CT great to meet you too. Is that too suppose to have two o. I don't know. Jared is a Godsend to this site, thanks for the welcome. Thank you SFG.
  10. Clearly if He brings up the possibility of removal then the possibility exits.
  11. Concerning the book of life, He talks about removing names rather than adding. It would seem God works from the positive rather than the negative allowing for every ones free will. At birth everyone's name is in the book. If this is the case why add those names if you know they will be lost. Some one said it this way. God is not in control but He is sovereign. He does not control people, if that was the case the world would not be in the condition it is. Free will must be free in order to be free will. His commandments are a part of His sovereignty. Sovereignty is about Lordship He is the Lord and His commandments are His will if disobeyed He must act accordingly. Thus the name is removed unless there is an acknowledgment and repentance causing judgment to be replaced with mercy. About His all knowing concerning each person seems to remove free will because they would have been destined for destruction prior to birth. Jesus came to set free, God sent His son to allow the whole world the ability for salvation. So then why take out free will for salvation but leave it in place for destruction. Something does not seem right with the teaching. I know it is a teaching I have received and clearly you have but is it true when considering free will? One thing I do know it really has nothing to do with my personal salvation to believe it or not because it is a concept seeking to understand the nature of God. In other words people will talk about it but how does it's message actually change anything. Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father I surely do not see Jesus making prior judgments based on a predetermined destruction of someones soul with only one exception. I guess if I'm wrong your right and if I'm right the teaching you have received and now have repeated is right but I really see no true on the ground purpose. .
  12. I don't want to mislead anyone because of my opening post this didn't happen with the Mesquito Indians in Nicaragua. It happened on the island of Curacao' (spell) fourteen miles off the coast of Venezuela. while planting a church. The big guy ate an eye then dropped the last one onto my plate. The other missionary with me must have seen my eyes get as large as the fish eye leaned into me and whispered this is a great honor. So. I was surprised how good it was, I would have ate another one but there are only two to a fish. Yes Lynn it did turn out nice for me which I was just as thankful for.
  13. thank you for the greet ally and KR nice to meet you both. Actually the eye is a big eye with a socket around it and very nicely seasoned. It was really good. They know when you eat it properly because you end up spitting the socket out onto the plate. It means you didn't just swallow it.
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